Little Miss S and her Odd Persuasions

Have a look at this. It’s a picture of a gender-swapped Archie, Betty and Veronica who are likely about to enjoy some sexytimes, if the symbolism implied by that ice cream soda can be trusted (this was drawn by Jess Fink, so it can be trusted. OH YES.) If it offends you in any way, leave this blog right now. Right NOW.

by Jess Fink!!!!

Art is copyright Jess Fink, 2012 for Comics Alliance!

The reason I’m telling you to go away in my starter post is because this is something I like very much. The idea of FemArchie getting her ginger jollies with Barry and Victor is seriously steaming up my glasses and I’m really not that fussed if you don’t like it. So that you can’t say you weren’t thoroughly warned, here are some more things about me:

  • I enjoy indie rock music and am lucky enough to live within a day’s drive of my favorite band, who I will tell you about often and in great detail. I also like a lot of other music, much like I enjoy Chex Mix; I’ll consume all of it, enjoy most of it, but pick out the little crispy bits I like the best and hoard them.
  • Being a woman, reproductive rights and freedoms are very important to me. If the situation calls for it, I may share some of my personal experiences. I am pro-choice, end of discussion.
  • I am not Christian. I am a practicing Buddhist who respects your choice of religion so please respect mine.
  • For many reasons I do not believe in dieting, body shaming, or the misguided idea that fat automatically equals unhealthy. At times I might refer to someone as fat. This is not an insult or slur, it is a descriptor and if I am using it there is a reason.
  • I am a sickly little creature. I have had high blood pressure since I was 18, I am bipolar and I recently discovered I am an asthmatic. I am that weak little kid on the playground that everyone likes to tease and I talk about my meds, my doctors and my grievances.
  • I do not have and do not want children. Same goes for dogs. That doesn’t mean I don’t like yours, just that I don’t want them living in my house and going through my refrigerator.
  • Like I said before, I have Bipolar Disorder (I) and panic disorder. I cope. I take my meds. I have setbacks and screaming panic attacks. I get back up and get on with my life. I realize that I’m lucky to be self-aware enough to get myself through it, but I’m also willing to take help when I need it.
  • I write but don’t like to talk about it. Sometimes I’ll get pretty excited and babble about my characters or a moment of clarity, but for the most part I feel like the more I talk about my work the less of it I get done.
  • I have cats. A lot of them. Deal with it.
  • Sex is awesome. I very much enjoy having it and in the past I have done so with quite a few people of both genders. Right now I am only having it with one person who is the love of my life, which is just how I like it. While I don’t talk explicitly about sex, it comes up (heh, dick joke!) and so do comments about toys, movies and yaoi manga. I’m proud to be sex-positive and am comfortable with my sexuality.

If you’re okay with all the stuff in this (very long) post, please visit me again! I expect that sometimes I’ll be funny and sometimes I’ll be kind of mopey but it’ll all be true. Of course I welcome comments, suggestions and little candies shaped like fruits if you want to send them.

One more thing: I do not and will not stand for trolling in comments, if you choose to participate. Comments are therefore moderated and I reserve the right to trash them as I see fit. Please do not misunderstand me and think I’m saying that I don’t welcome differing opinions. I do! But if you can’t state them calmly and rationally, I’ll have to ask you to go away. Let’s not be dicks here! Not that we don’t like dicks here. Dicks are AWESOME.


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