Little Miss S and the Basket of Joy

I’m going to make a bold statement here: produce is awesome. Actually, let me amend that to readgood produce is awesome. Anyone who has ever tried to make food can tell you that terrible produce will ruin everything, especially rubbery carrots and a too-wrinkly bell pepper. The problem with good produce is that it is sometimes expensive, particularly fruit.

A friend of mine from high school mentioned a food co-op called Bountiful Baskets that sounded pretty great. Every 2 weeks you can make a contribution of around $15 ($25 for organics) and they give you a metric asston of produce. 50% fruit, 50% veggies and about a pound each of 8-10 items. They buy in bulk from local farmers/distributors, you make your contribution on Mondays and you pick it up on your scheduled day.

The only flaw in our plan was that there is only a 20 minute window for picking up your goods, which in our area is 8-8:20AM. I had to be at work at 8:30, so I had Mister E take me early and I chilled in the break room so he could go pick it up. Then he sent me a picture.

This is in a big blue storage tub.

He texted me filled with joy because there were mangoes in the basket, his favorite fruit. I immediately went to my magazine and started plotting what to do with the celery and half the tomatoes. I was so excited that I took another picture when I got home.

I should set up displays at a grocery store.

That is a head of green leaf lettuce, a head (?) of celery, three massive cukes, a bunch of perfect bananas, a box of mushrooms, some Bosc pears, three mangoes, potatoes, Roma tomatoes, grapefruits (I can’t eat them ::sob::), and a bag of the cutest tiny apples ever. Our crisper overfloweth! I had to eat a wrinkly nectarine to make some room in the fridge, but it was worth it. The jar of pimientos, not so much.

I’m so jazzed about cooking up all this food, y’all. A quick trip to the store to get the other stuff to build the meals and we are set for the next two weeks. Initially, Mister E wasn’t pleased about taking me to work in the rain or being on such a tight schedule but the mangoes made up for it. Tomorrow: roasted tofu and penne!


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