Little Miss S and the 2012 Cheeseblarg Secret Cupid Exchange

This post is very, very late in coming but I just used my potholders for the first time and feel like that gives me a pass to write about them now. When I say “for the first time,” I mean it’s the first time I’ve used potholders of any kind in years. Seriously. I usually just wad up some wet paper towels whenever I want to take something out of the oven, and there’s only really one reason for it: I have the short term memory of a goldfish and the attention span of a cat. When I’m making food, I think to myself that I really need to buy potholders or oven mitts. Unfortunately, when I get to the store and see the new flavor of mini-marshmallows or that sushi is half off, I forget until the next time I have to use the oven.

At the end of January I saw that a super-spectacular Secret Cupid Exchange was being plotted over at The Cheeseblarg. “Well, would you look at that,” I said. “I enjoy swapping things, and my last exchange wasn’t a complete fiasco. Let’s do this.” I had tons of fun picking out stuff for my partner and I am pleased to report that she liked it, including the disapproving chicken card. It’s pretty obvious my Cupid had as much fun as I did, and she got me the best thing ever: POTHOLDERS.


Apparently that card was quite the controversy-maker this V-Day! Some people thought the word “stalker” was inappropriate but seeing as how we were to lurk around one anothers’ blogs/Twitters/bushes to find out what to send, I thought it was perfect.

Tastiest Frogs Ever.

I love these lollipops! They remind me of the ones on long sticks you get at Japanese festivals and are super-cute and delicious. I actually ripped the bag open and started to open one of the hearts before I remembered I needed to take a picture. It was the hardest five minutes of my life.


POTHOLDERS. Heart shaped crocheted potholders! I showed them to Mister E and he had the same reaction as I did: unbridled joy at the fact that the skin on our fingertips would be spared.

So a belated THANK YOU is in order for Kim B.! I hope one day I get to come watch Duke City Roller Derby play so I can also thank you in person. Now, off to make some curry!


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