Little Miss S Gets Some Shuteye

It seems like just yesterday that I was checking out The Ouija Interviews by Sarah Becan on a tip from a friend. I was so enamored of the preview I read that I not only bought it, I also bought every issue of Shuteye, her then-five issue minicomic series. After I’d read all of them I was confident in stating that Sarah is one of the best storytellers in the world, not just in comics, and I wanted to read everything that she wrote. Last year, the sixth issue ofShuteye came out and it was as wonderful as all the others. Then she announced that she was going to put together a Kickstarter to get the collected edition printed. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that my card was in hand before she finished the tweet. Today I got my backer goodies!

The best reason to wake up on a Monday.

This print is a super-special one for Kickstarter backers, and I absolutely adore it. I have a couple of her other ones and the quality is amazing. They’re printed on heavy watercolor paper, which makes each one look like a freshly-painted original and the colors are bright and vibrant. I already have a Lynn Lau Wall in my apartment and it seems I’m on my way to a Sarah Becan Wall to match. Also included was a shwanky bookmark that I am very fond of. As an added bonus, my cats were intrigued by the aroma of Sarah’s cats on the envelope and book, so I’m going with that as them giving it their seal of approval as well.

Love the detail on this one. Gorgeous.

Here is a wee taste of one of the stories, taken with my camera phone because I didn’t want to break the spine to scan it. All the original stories are included with minimal retouching, printed in gorgeous sepia tones and with an epilogue of sorts that ties everything together. It’s really wonderful; the stories are multi-layered, sometimes unsettling and always worth multiple reads.

(Copyright Sarah Becan, 2012)

That’s all you get because you should really go preorder it now. It’ll be the best $15 you spend on comics this year, provided you aren’t one of those people who like boob-windows and brokeback poses. If you are, then you’re on your own.


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