Little Miss S Wants You to Come a Little Closer

And you thought I was pissed off the other day. Today I am a whole other level of pissed. We’re talking a Rena Ryuugu and a billhook cleaver level of pissed. Race car in the fucking red. Nice n’ murdery.

You have angered Rena. This was a poor life choice.

Yesterday I woke up to discover that some lowlife piece of shit in China had downloaded some sort of app with my iTunes account. Not only that, but they had made about $95 worth of purchases in said app. I was alerted to this by Apple, who sent me three emails (for three separate transactions) saying “hey, we noticed these were made with your account from an unauthorized computer.”

Now to me, using an unauthorized computer with my account means do not let these fuckers proceed with the transaction. This was not Apple’s line of reasoning, however, and allowed these purchases to go through. This meant that they were charged to my Paypal account, which meant that the money came from my bank account, which means that I am fucked. Both Apple and Paypal agreed that this was some bullshit and reversed the charges, but I won’t see that money again for at least a week. I spoke to Chase, who said they could hold/block the charges but it would cost me $35 per amount to do so.

Combine this with the fact that our completely inept bookkeeper at work forgot to put ten and a half hours of onsite work onto my paycheck (three of which were overtime) and I am about ready to fuck someone up. I went to her and said “yeah. Not working for me.” She replied with “Well, the director’s not here to sign off on a check so you’ll have to wait.”

Wait?! I worked over ten hours without a break because they screwed up the scheduling, sent in my hours as I was leaving the site (five days prior to payroll being entered), and my supervisor supposedly looked over the hours because I wasn’t allowed to be at work to look at them and now I’m supposed to wait for you to fix this?

Hide, bitches. I am coming for you and I am pissed.

This had better be resolved, is all I’m saying. Maybe there are people who can just shrug off $95 worth of fraudulent charges and being screwed out of a day’s worth of pay and overtime, but not me. Not with rent due, medical bills to pay and a wedding to plan. Fortunately, I can (and will) tear into some peoples’ asses at work. And if I manage to track down the people who got into my iTunes account, they’re going to burn. Literally.


One thought on “Little Miss S Wants You to Come a Little Closer

  1. That would have been a completely appropriate time to bust out the Magic Words ™ to the bookkeeper. And I feel your pain re: identity theft. The Seabrook PD has actually told me to file reports elsewhere since they’re tired of seeing me (3x in 12 months). Luckily there haven’t been any problems since we went mostly cash-only these days.

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