Little Miss S Loves the Chocolate

Sometimes a thing gets in your head and you cannot get it out no matter what you do. Currently the two worst offenders are the Sushi Lamp song from Shadows of the Damned and the Choccy Song.

The Choccy Song popped into my head last night and I walked around for ten minutes after my shower singing it, mostly in the altogether because I couldn’t find my shorts. It happens. Anyhow, I was singing the Choccy Song on loop – which is the preferred way of doing it, actually – and the cats were running away from me like I had cat herpes, which naturally made me want a Creme Egg so badly I thought I was going to have a convulsion. Unfortunately, I did not have the car.

Nobody hates the chocolate!

It’s a batshit little song from a few years back that is brilliant in its simplicity; “Who loves the chocolate? Everyone loves the chocolate. Nobody hates the chocolate. ‘Cos everyone loves the chocolate!” It is, as indicated above, sung by some Creme Eggs that have taken a lethal dose of speed or possibly something I hallucinated while off my meds once. Go ahead and listen to it for yourself. I recommend having at least one Creme Egg on hand before you do so.

As an added bonus, here is a Shadows of the Damned manga page. Basically it is talking about the game and references the Sushi Lamp, Creepy Paula, Garcia Fucking Hotspur and The Big Boner. I haven’t translated all of it, but it’s pretty great. I tried to find you a picture of the Sushi Lamp, but apparently, unlike chocolate, nobody loves the Sushi Lamp. This is a shame, because he’s the most awesome lamp/fish/bulb thing in the world (panel 2) and he has his own theme tune. This is his theme tune. Chouchin Song #2 by Akira Yamaoka.


Now that I’ve got those stuck in your head too, have a lovely weekend. I have to work tomorrow. LIKE A WAGE SLAVE.

Also, Mister E is the best.

Seriously, he's the best.


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