Little Miss S Remains a Cat Magnet


Say hello to my extremely little friend.

There I was taking in my morning allotment of feral cats, as I am the person who is usually tapped to deal with the feral cat ladies (and gents), when one of our star crazy cat ladies comes over and says “Come over here! Help me with this!” I obliged and discovered a very small, damp kitten wriggling on the ground using his dirt-covered placenta as a drag chute. “Help it,” she said. “You’re not going to put it to sleep, are you?” I reminded her who she was dealing with and promised that if it made it through the day I would take it. After a quick examination I determined that this kitten was less than a day old, very hungry and very cold so I set about warming up socks filled with rice and trying to arrange some nibbles.

This is not the day either of us expected, tiny.

His foster name is Maki. All my fosters are named after food (Last year: Cheesepuff, Wasabi, Mamenyan, Skittles, Pickle, Melon, Chiclet and Sweet Pea), you see, and I’m hungry for sushi today. Our medical director, Dr. C, brought me a bottle and some formula, and I am exceedingly pleased to inform you that he has eaten three times, pooped three times and peed twice. Also, yelling and burrowing and biskies. The most important thing is that he’s full-term and hopefully this means he’ll be okay.

Goin' mimis.

I couldn’t say no, anyway. He looks like a miniature Bucky, my FIP cat that died (and whose story is featured in one of the Chicken Soupbooks, AND whom I have tattooed on my writing arm) several years ago. How could I leave any kitten alone to die, much less a tiny echo of my beloved boy?

Fingers included for scale.

On an additional note, my second interview went really really well. The manager asked me some general case questions about situations that might arise while trapping and I answered them perfectly. She said she loved my application, that she thought I was very well qualified for the job and that she’d love to meet me face-to-face. She also said that she’d let me know by the 20th because they want the person installed by April 1st so the program can start on April 15th.

Guys, I want this job so badly I could puke. I know I can make a difference in the lives of the cats in this city. Pais calls me a “cat hero.” If I get this job I think I really can be! So please, please send me all the good vibes you have for this job and this tiny kitten. I’m hoping that he’s the tiny, shouty good luck charm I need to succeed.


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