Little Miss S Has a Good Excuse, She Swears

Have I ever had a week. Started off good, got worse, got really worse and as a result I am the definition of knackered. As we speak I am laying on the couch whinging about not having any jalapeno poppers and trying to figure out how to attach a tiny harness to one or more cats in order to send them to get me some jalapeno poppers because getting in the car is too much like going to work. My main problem is that they keep trying to eat the money.

Roll initiative.

I’ve been so tired that I’ve pretty much been failing my 1000 Word Challenge on an epic level. I get home and either want to sleep forever or watch Law and Order until my eyeballs bleed, which means I haven’t written much of value over the last few days and I haven’t gone running. That’s what happens when you’re already understaffed, two members of your team take off at the same time, your organization thinks that there’s no reason to stop scheduling double the amount of patients just because there are only two of you working, and your diva of a taskmaster decides to add a third (unnecessary) step to the procedure, which means you get to make at least two trips back and forth across the room per case when you’re already doing the work of three people. Seriously, I got home from work at 4:00 and my feet are still aching. My back is not doing much better.

And when I say I haven’t gotten anything done, I mean anything useful. You see, in order to keep my writing brain in motion I have continued to blog (obviously) and resorted to the one thing I have always been able to do to keep myself entertained. FANFICTION. I’ve done it in the past and it’s actually gotten pretty good feedback on various sites and archives that I will not link to here because of the high risk of ridicule and possibly boners. I’m also not going to expound on what I was writing because of the source material’s obscurity and also it is embarrassing. However, I will reveal that it is not about Severus Snape.

This time.

I have a lot of really excellent, coherent arguments about why fanfic is awesome and a great idea, and about why people who disdain it are the literary version of party poopers, and how I am an unapologetic Mary Sue. Unfortunately, my brain is suffering from a severe jalapeno deficiency and I cannot properly string words together other than “please forgive me, I’m not myself this evening.”

Scrooge and Marley: A Tale of Two Dicks

I’m hoping to have something more interesting to say tomorrow, but it may just end up being a review of some manga or pictures of my new plugs or something. We have plans to buy some manga, visit the piercing studio and get some boba tomorrow because my week has left my face in the shape of a cat’s asshole.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with anything, Mister E’s hair has gotten long enough so that with his current level of beard he looks like Jesus. Transmission ends.


2 thoughts on “Little Miss S Has a Good Excuse, She Swears

    • I can’t wait until I can quit this job, or until Queen Bully Bitch gets fired (hopefully very soon) and our insane executive director retires (in three weeks). Work could be bearable then, unless Helper-Girl D quits. 😦

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