Little Miss S Has a Clubhouse. Sorta.

On the way home from work today, I was decorated with dog hair and  had my hair pulled back all ratty-like. I told Mister E I didn’t want to go to the comic book store because I looked crappy, but I was still down for a trip to our tattoo/piercing studio.

“Right,” he said with a sigh. “Because we comic nerds are so well known for our attention to fashion and cleanliness.”

“I know that,” I replied. “I don’t want to walk in and have everyone start chanting ‘ONE OF US. ONE OF US.'” He gave me a look and I said “I’m an otaku but I do bathe sometimes, okay? When I go to a comic store I don’t want to feed the stereotype all Comic Book Men. But when I go to the Studio, it’s different. They’re my bros.” This earned me the worst look yet, and rightfully so.

You see, the guys at the studio are my friends. I’ve been going to the same studio for the last three years that I’ve been here for both piercing and tattoo needs, and have introduced Mister E and his mom to their wares and services. In fact, I got two pieces (a small half-coverup and a big ass thigh piece) done there 13 years ago and some of those guys are still there. Hell, the ginger still remembers me.

He is a dapper young fellow.

My piercer, Miro, is a whole different story. The Studio is about a mile away from my college, which was how I found it the first time. Miro and I actually went to school together. Granted, he only had a couple of earrings then, but we were in the same class and everything. He also makes sure the Studio has the best selection of awesome, high quality and one of a kind pieces of jewelry in town.

Miro and I are friends on the dreaded Book of Faces and when he saw my engagement ring, he said “Congrats! The ring is gorgeous!” Today, when we went to get new plugs he said “Hop up in the chair and let’s see the rock!” Miro is a big fan of jewelry. You might be able to tell from his picture.

He asked what our ultimate stretching goals are. Mine was a 2 gauge, but today I went up to a 0 gauge. Heh. Mister E is considering 1/2 inch. Miro said he would love to get us some matching custom plugs for our wedding and I seriously almost fainted with joy. That would be an awesome pic for the wedding album: close up of our matching plugs. Miro putting in mine as part of my bride-prep. I’m gonna cry, you guys.

Crazy lace agate. They're a bit sore.

Anyway, The Studio is a little like a clubhouse to me, I guess. Whenever I go for some new ink or jewelry I’m never self-conscious. It’s a great feeling. Granted, the guys make sure that no one is made to feel uncomfortable or looked down upon – one girl said she was so relieved she went there, because another studio treated her shittily – but everyone knows me there and we make jokes all the time. Like bros do. Just don’t tell Mister E I used that word again.

Today was also St. Patrick’s Day. Meh. I got tired of being teased about not wearing green, so I drew a shitty clover on my arm in green Sharpie. It kind of looks like a piece of broccoli, but there you have it.

Shitty clover.


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