Little Miss S and the Ice Cream Bonanza

It’s Sunday! That means Mister E and I went shopping and let me tell you what. Some serious deliciousness occurred.

Unplanned deliciousness.

First was the cheese. I’ve been wanting some “eating cheese” for a while; not the kind you slap on a sandwich or melt over chips, the kind you cut into careful little cubes so you can savor itty bitty bites. We selected a sharp Irish cheddar based on a sample cube, and a bit of Havarti because Mister E hasn’t tried it. Then I forgot to buy the table water crackers to put it on. But I did buy some seitan jerky, inarizushi and grilled sweet chili tofu so there’s that.

Sweet Cheesus.

Then came the local honey. There was a small farmer’s market in the parking lot of Whole Foods and we went to see what was up. While we were there, the weather thought it would be a good idea to give us a sample of what wind is like in other states and let loose a mighty gust that lifted one of the little tents right off the ground. Immediately three people, including my fiance, ran over to bring it back while I retrieved the weights from under the picnic bench. Once we had things set back up, a lady thanked us for our help and said it was a “wonderful community effort.” My first thought waswho wouldn’t help a guy whose tent was blowing away?And then, unfortunately, I answered myself with “a lot of people.” Mister E said I was wrong because we were at a farmer’s market and the percentage of people there likely to help another person is higher than in the general population.

Anyhow, we found a gentleman from about 50 miles away who was selling some pints of honey. Local honey is important around here because we have the sort of pollen that can be weaponized, and if you eat little bits of it at a time you can basically desensitize yourself to it over long periods. That is why I paid $8.00 for the pint, and let me tell you, it is delicious. Mister E was super-pleased with it, and he is the honey enthusiast around here.

The tastiest immunotherapy.

Finally, we went to the regular store for various things and on the way out I decided I wanted some ice cream. We went to the frozen goodies section, where he selected some mango fruit bars and I selected some coconut ones. Then we saw some coconut passion fruit pineapple yogurt bars and decided we needed those too. Then I saw some Drumsticks and wanted those, so I took the coconut bars with me back to the fruit bar section, picked up a box of mini Drumsticks and took them both to the shopping cart. When we went to the stores, we had no ice cream. Now we have four boxes.

All in all, a very productive shopping trip. I’d best get over to the fridge, though. Those mini Drumsticks aren’t going to eat themselves.


2 thoughts on “Little Miss S and the Ice Cream Bonanza

    • Oh man, I miss TJ’s so hard. Those little pre-shucked, chilled edamame trays they have were my go-to snack for reading manga, along with those chili lime Garden of Eatin’ chips we used to buy.
      Also, I knew you would love that LOL. ❤

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