Little Miss S Runs a Mexican Diner

…or at least we will be soon. Goodness.

This week’s Bountiful Baskets haul was a bit…bigger…than usual. I bought our usual basket of produce joy and added a Veggie Lover’s Pack that purported to include all sorts of items that are excellent for cooking Mexican cuisine. At the last moment, I also decided to include a Tropical Granola pack.


Mister E went to pick up the produce while I was having my soul trampled on for another morning and sent me pictures of the things, at which point I remarked “oh my giddy aunt!” right in the middle of the treatment area.

There are so many things. Apples, pears, a mini pineapple, either a melon or a squash, bananas, lettuce, two bunches of asparagus (groooooooss) , a box of green tomatoes and two bunches of green onions. Also, some sort of fruit item we can’t identify but are totally willing to try.

The greenest bag.

The veggie lovers’ add-on is every bit as ridiculous. There is cilantro, two onions, a huge garlic bulb, a number of bitty limes, some ridiculously large poblano peppers, some huge tomatillos and approximately 825,000 jalapenos. I’m going to pull down the food processor and try to make my own salsa, then buy some masa and make tortillas. Good times!

This is what eko tastes like.

Finally, the granola. Good. Freaking. Lord. For scale, we have included the most space-inefficient of our cats, who weighs about 12 pounds. Let me tell you, this is some of the best stuff I’ve eaten this whole year. It’s like eating a granola bar, only without preservatives or HFCs. There’s dried pineapple, papaya, coconut, macadamia nuts and oats all rolled together with brown sugar, vanilla and honey to make something that tastes like eating the sexiest oatmeal cookies ever. I’ve been grabbing handfuls of it to nom ever since we got it. Originally I had planned to share it out with people but, um, I’ve changed my mind.

On an unrelated side note today, Rufus B. got his yearly vaccines. I think he must be mellowing with age because he only tried to kill two people and didn’t need to be sedated. Also, no bloodshed! Perhaps my dear boy is getting old.

In any case, tomorrow will be grocery shopping day! Plans for this week include a repeat of the pretty taco bowls, stuffed poblanos and kung pao chicken. I’m also going to see about making some fried green tomatoes and seeing what all the fuss is about. Perhaps I will start looking even more like Kathy Bates.

And my sow, Misery.


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