Little Miss S and Her Leaky Vent

This is not a euphemism.

I came home from Horrible Day at Work #2 in desperate need of a nap and some jalapeno poppers. What I discovered was that something was dripping in our hallway. And when I say dripping, I mean at first I thought one of the cats was peeing on the floor. So I freaked out and went into the hall to find a large wet patch on the carpet.

This is pretty much my look. Minus the suit.

Turns out there was water pouring from the air conditioning vent in the hallway, and the sound was seriously alarming one or more cats. I alerted Mister E, who put a small bucket under it and called maintenance. This did not thrill me. For one thing, I wasn’t wearing pants. For another, the last time we had a problem with our air conditioner it was the middle of summer and we had to call every day for a week to get it taken care of, and even then it only happened because Mister E called the after-hours emergency line and pitched a fit. I was not looking forward to hearing that sound for a week and waking up every couple of hours to empty the little bucket.

Fortunately, this time the maintenance guy (who I suspect is a leprechaun that fell on hard times) came in half an hour. Unfortunately, I had to put on pants. He brought some terrifying equipment and fixed things immediately. The air conditioner seems to be running fine now, and the dripping has ceased. Let’s hope the solution is permanent.

Because the last days have been so awful, I have nothing of value to say at the moment. That’s why I had to pull the Emergency Blog Kitten out of storage. You may view him below and select a name. I’m going with Mr. Snuggle Paws.

All you need to survive the apocalypse.

As a side note building on the horrors of the Friendship is Magic fics, when I was locating that picture of Kuroe I found a whole lot of terrifying fanart. Yes, the ones involving Kuroe and Dr. Kamiya were kind of hot but some of the others were just wrong.


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