Little Miss Spotify!

Oh man, let me tell you how much I love Spotify.

First off, this is all the fault of my British friends.

Represented by this lime.

You see, the folks across the pond have had Spotify for a while now and every time one of my friends says “I know you love music, this is an awesome song, you should totally go hear it” it comes with a link to the song. And I have to email them or tweet at them and say “look, poopheads, I don’t have this magical app! Stop making me jealous with your bubble and squeak, your dry wit and your amazing music listening things!”



The basic line on it is that you are able to select songs and albums you like and put them into playlists, then stream them to your computer or phone. Like Pandora, if you could pick your own stuff. There’s also a social aspect to it; your friends who have it can see what you’ve listened to and suggest music to you, as you can for them. You can also use it like Pandora to listen to stations that are based on your interest. The only catch is that if you want to listen to it on your phone or a receiver, you have to pay about ten bucks a month.

Now I know this is the internet, and no one wants to pay for anything. But I am a great music lover and feel that it’s only proper to support the folks who bring it to you. For the price of one album a month, I have access to ALL THE ALBUMS. It has already proven to be a great help when I listened to the hot-off-the-press album of a band I really like(d?) and discovered that it was mostly terrible, and also because it’s been my main connection to Port of Morrow since my preorder package was unavailable at the office for a freaking week.

Some things that are great about Spotify are that you can look stuff up by album, artist or track and find out information about the bands. Further awesomeness, if you have the Premium service, you can also sync the songs and playlists so that you’re able to hear them while you’re offline. So if you’re roaming or in the air or whatever, you can still hear your musics! This is very important to me because sometimes my 3G/4G hates me. AND they have a “private mode” where you can listen to embarrassing music and not have your friends see it. Sadly, I didn’t find this out until after the Vanilla Ice/Boyz II Men/Return of the Mack incident.

Ashamed to even have searched for this image.

So far the only disappointment that I’ve found is that Sine Star Project is not on there. Admittedly, they’re a somewhat offbeat British prog band but dammit, you’d think that was exactly what would be on there. Also, it’s hard as hell to find anywhere I can listen to their album on the internets. I actually own it, it’s just on my PC and I am lazy.

Hence, Spotify.


2 thoughts on “Little Miss Spotify!

  1. Love spotify. It ends up being far cheaper than my previous “music service”, otherwise known as “iTunes Impulse Buy of the Week”. Plus, Offline mode is amazing for long plane flights. Though we’re finding that it can be tricky if you have several devices which all have an offline playlist (as in it will spontaneously make the oldest-synced one lose the offline songs at times). CNM and I share an account, since in reality only one of us would be listening at a time.

    Bonus? Spotify Premium includes international licensing, so we are able to listen from our new home without all the technical wizardry which will be required for Netflix and Hulu Plus.

    And I never worry about private mode. Most everyone who knows me somewhat well knows that I have a very …eclectic… taste in music.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I was trying to explain it to someone the other day as “it’s like buying one album a month but being able to listen to ALL the albums.”
      Plus, since my cat ate my sync cable (little shit) it’s awesome that I can make a playlist on my computer and sync it to my phone – my current default music player for running, etc – easily. Now if only I could figure out how to install the Linux beta, I’d be golden.

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