Little Miss S Keeps It Nice n’ Pervy

I freely admit that I’m a total guy. I’m bored, which means porn. Not watching porn, though that would be nice. I’m talking about writing porn. And when I mean writing porn, I mean writing dirty fanfiction.

It's for work! I swear!

Why fanfics? Why, in the name of all that’s holy, does it come back to fanfics? Because when I write or read sex, I want it to have context. I don’t want to hear about two people getting it on in the bathroom of a rest stop, or “Dear Penthouse Forum, you’ll never guess what happened to me!” and most of the people I know don’t either. I want there to be a relationship, for the people involved to have character and histories and possible subtext.

Can't spell buttsex without it.

Because a one-shot filthy fantasy story often does not have a lot of character development, fanfiction is a perfect medium for a quick bit of dirty talk. You’ve got characters and a world all plotted out, and oftentimes there are actual relationships between some of the participants. What you’re writing is a window into a part of their lives that may not get to be seen on the show or in the book that made them famous.

Much to the detriment of many, many psyches.

Since we’re talking about what a filthy perv I am, I’ll go ahead and say that I like yaoi. I like it a lot. When I was on my massive San Francisco adventure, I took Mr. FLF to Kinokuniya and introduced him to yaoi manga. For the uninitiated, yaoi is a genre of manga/anime that involves gay men in love and often having sex. A lot of sex. He bought a few interesting looking volumes and took them home, then told me “these aren’t really graphic, I flipped through them.” Then he sat down and read them. Instant fan.

No one makes passes like boys who wear glasses.

What does all this mean? It means I have recently spotted a possible BL (boys love) relationship in a favorite manga and I’d like to explore it. And by that I mean I want to write something about these two gentlemen exploring each other. Repeatedly. With vigor. Is that so wrong.

Yes, probably. That won’t stop me from doing it though. The only thing that might keep me from my filthy goal is the fact that I am completely knackered from work again. If it’s a choice between working on my real writing or getting my erotic on, it’s no contest. As fun as it may be to write about what may or may not have happened between Mello and Matt (google at your own risk), it won’t pay any bills. Not that my writing does anyway, but you know what I mean.


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