Little Miss S, Manic Pixie Dream Girl

As soon as I woke up this morning, I woke Mister E up in the traditional Manic Pixie Dream Girl fashion: getting on my hands and knees on the bed and looking at him upside down. Then I asked him if he wanted food. Since it was after 10 AM, he was interested.

The food truck park opened at 11, which meant I put on my MPDG cosplay (with the exception of my reading glasses. Couldn’t find them. Sad panda.) and he put on a military hat. Mister E did express some disappointment he didn’t have time to grow a beard or buy a keffiyeh but I think he soldiered through it when I bought him a Shiner from the bar at the same time as our…

Art-O-Mat tokens! They’re just like the old tokens you use at arcades which just made me think of something terribly dishonest people could do. There’s one for each of us, so we could each get a thing. We decided we were hungry first, though, and checked out the food trucks. Unfortunately, my gourmet weenie truck cancelled – I found out about it on Twitter as we were driving up there – but there were more things to try for sure.

This is what happy tastes like.

Like this Fig Grilled Cheese from M.A.R.S. Mobile Kitchen. Fig preserves with the cheese on toast gave it a sweet and savory taste, and the sandwich itself was the perfect combination of light, crispy and gooey.

Liberally seasoned with rainbows.

And these magical sweet potato tots from Kitchen Fusionz with a sweet ginger dipping sauce. I’m surprised I didn’t just try to drink the sauce, seriously. My only complaint was that I should have gone with the regular fries to eat with my sandwich (tots for afters) and waited to try M.A.R.S.’ mojito limeade instead of getting a Sprite at the bar. Oh well, we know for next time.

I almost had to kill a child for bouncing his basketball on the picnic table where we were waiting for our food. Little bastard made me break my MPDG character, too. Not only was it annoying, he let go of the ball and it was rolling toward Mister E’s Shiner.  A REAL Manic Pixie Dream Girl would have grabbed the ball, smiled mischievously at the brat and run onto the playground in the rain to play with the kids while New Slang played in the background. I slapped the ball off the table and glared at him, causing him to run away in terror.

To the Art-O-Mat!

Now, the main attraction! This thing is so neat. There were rings and little dolls and different art pieces. I was torn between getting a “collapsible fine art print” or a scarab sculpture in wood, but Mister E knew right away he wanted one of the grotesques. We dropped in our coins, pulled the lever and voilas!

This looks promising!

This is the most perfect thing for me ever.

It’s an art print screened onto a piece of old sheet! The quote is just perfect for me and it’s got awesome vibrant colors. The fact that it was folded for a while gives it this neat texture, too. All in all, awesome.

Looks like Pan to me.

Mister E’s grotesque is epoxied onto a little block of wood with a teeny hanger on the back, perfect for sticking on the wall! I said it would be neat to get a bunch of them and hang them all in one area like a tiny gallery, since lots of Art-O-Mat prints and photos are on wood for hanging. Excitement!

All in all, it was a super-fun day in spite of the on and off rain that wouldn’t leave us alone. Delicious food and fun art are always worth the time. I can’t wait to go out there again, probably with either RJ or Blue. Of course, there will be pictures. Like this one of me in my Manic Pixie Dream Girl cosplay. I don’t plan on doing this often, so enjoy it while you can.

This machine was cooler before it sold out.


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