Super-Packed Sunday with Little Miss S

Video fun time! And by fun, I mean kinda creepy and awesome. Here are a couple of videos I found this week/end that I really enjoyed and that stuck in my head like a harmonica in the throat of a dude who ended up being a boss fight in Shadows of the Damned.

First, we’ve got Alma, an animated short by Rodrigo Blaas. You probably have no idea who he is, but he’s one of the awesome heads behind a lot of the movies you’ve seen from Pixar. This is one creepy little short. No words, but a jaunty little accordion tune that makes it even creepier. Oh, and if you already have an aversion to dolls with their cold, dead eyes they way I do, keep the lights on.

Next is the latest Shins video, which has a decidedly Tim Burton feel. It was done up by Jamie Caliri, who was inspired by Edward Gorey drawings. It’s fun and sinister and reminded me a lot of the illustrations in the originalCoraline book. Also, the bunny rocks my stripey socks.

Other news of note, I’m a badass. Yesterday I went to wreak some havoc on the treadmill in my C25K groove and was all set to do Week 5, Day 2. Now, Day 1 was intervals of 5 minutes jogging, followed by 3 minutes walking, repeated twice and finished up with 5 minutes of jogging. I made it through, tired but accomplished, and spent some serious time in the shavasana pose. Yesterday I fired up my app and started jogging.

The app uses a color code – burnt orange for warmup, red for jogging, green for walking and light blue for cooldown – that I generally just use via my peripheral vision. Looking at the timer is instant death, so I just wait for the color to turn before I switch my speed. I also use Spotify to make a specific playlist for every workout that is timed to my interval length. I noticed that I was finished with a song and a half but the color on my timer was still more than halfway full. Damn buggy program, I thought. Then I looked at the details for the workout. Week 5, Day 2 is eight minutes of jogging, five minutes of walking, eight minutes of jogging.

I’m not going to lie, I thought very seriously about stopping and switching to Day 1. I thought I can’t do this. There’s no way I can do this. But I pushed myself anyway, to see if I could. I pushed myself through my lungs burning. I pushed myself through my playlist that was now timed all wrong. I pushed and pushed and I did it. Then I died on the floor a little, showered and ate ALL the mac and cheese with steamed broccoli in the world.

Yes, kitteh, I did.

Today is a super-exciting day over at Band Back Together, also! Today is the Donations Blog Carnival, which means there are all kinds of posts about donations to be had!

It’s not just about donating blood, tissue and organs, you know. Donating food, your time or your money are just as important and can save just as many lives. Compassion is an important tenet of Buddhism, and we can show our compassion for others through donation. So show a little love to your community! Volunteer at a women’s shelter, a food bank, a crisis hotline, or an animal shelter. Get your family involved. Remember, you could be the one who needs help at some point in your life – wouldn’t you want someone to show you the same compassion?

Happy Sunday, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Super-Packed Sunday with Little Miss S

  1. I watched Alma last week too – I’d heard good things, and when a little girl shares her name with my puppy, that’s a sign too, right? Loved it. Loved it even more than I thought I would, which is saying a little something.
    Made Mr. K watch it yesterday too, he’s not a fan of that style of animation, but he appreciated it. Moreso when I told him that Blaas “used to work for Pixar”, which then conjures up images of the animator being asked politely to leave, for the sake of the children.

  2. I saw Alma a few years back at SIGGRAPH, and remember it being very creepy. I’ll have to look back through my video archives from that conference to see if any similar creepy ones are now available for watching online. If so, I’ll pass along the info.

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