Little Miss S Has the Best Gay Boyfriend EVER

Well, it’s Monday.

The Band would like me to find something happy about my Monday. Seeing as how I have nothing to be happy about, I very nearly just said “fuck it” and went back to bed. Thankfully, my wonderful gay boyfriend S came through with something to make me smile.

I first heard about April Smith and the Great Picture Show on NPR, but it was S who really got me to love her. We had many discussions and songs were shared, and when he went to see her (I’ve never seen her because she doesn’t come to Lamesville) he got me an autographed shirt. I wash this shirt so carefully, you guys, to make sure the Sharpie doesn’t wash out.

Apparently he went and saw her last week again and decided that I needed something to make me happy, even though he didn’t know I was upset. So what did he do?

Your argument is invalid.

New shirt! So cute. And it’s also signed. That’s not all. He also put in two See’s Candy pops, a sticker and a card because he is the best. I had to eat one of the pops right away because it was too delicious to pass up. Also, butterscotch.

I love S so very much. Without him I wouldn’t have even had a dose of happy today. He means the world to me and I love him to death. ❤


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