Postcards From the Edge

No, I’m not dead. But only just.

You may notice that my blog has been completely changed. New theme, new background, and the sakura are ones I photographed in San Francisco. It’s quite pleasing to the eye now, I think. Also, I’m coming out (sort of). You see, I know people are following me. I know that they’re reading my blog and my Twitter. There’s a possibility that they’re reading my emails, too. While I know that changing my blog around isn’t going to stop them from watching me, I’m tired of it looking so boring. I’m also tired of such long post titles. They make me feel like Fall Out Boy or something.

Something along the lines of “Our lawyer made us change the same of this song because someone slept with Fall Out Boy and all they got was real pain for my sham friends and went down swinging.” I might be paraphrasing.

Anyway, I’m staying in the house right now because of things. Apart from going to the fitness center across the parking lot, I haven’t actually left since last Friday, except for the time on Saturday when Mister E took me to get my medication and the time Sunday when he made me go outside and bought me a bagel sandwich.

Unlike Emily’s Bagel Sandwich, it made me better.

So anyway, there’s not much else for me to talk about right now. I wasn’t able to go to the Scars on 45 concert like I wanted, I’ve been eating Ativan like Tic-Tacs when I eat at all, but at least I found out you can watch the last 5 episodes of this season’s Special Victims Unit on Hulu. I’m working on a cross stitch project for one of the prego ladies in The Band but it’s going slowly because I just do not care.

On the plus side, I got my first Postcrossing postcard! It is from Germany.

I had to look up what “rathaus” meant.

I’m a little worried because I sent five cards out at the same time and so far only two have showed up. I’m suspicious of the one that went to Milwaukee because the two that were registered were ones from Poland and Norway, and they both arrived with no problems. Less worrisome are the ones heading to Russia and Siberia because I am pretty sure there’s not the best mail system in Siberia. I could be wrong, but you know.

Anyway, that’s all I have right now. If you want to read some good, quality posts you can go over to visit Band Back Together. Give our posters some love while you’re there, some of them need some serious support.


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