Usagi and Rei Grow Up

I miss my friend CNM. Recently, she moved to India with her husband for a couple of years and though we hadn’t seen each other in years I somehow feel her absence more now that I did. I mean, she lived to the east of here. I could have gone over there anytime but I just didn’t. Now I can’t, and that makes me quite sad.

We used to live right next door to each other. Literally. In the same fourplex. RJ and I were #A and she and RM^2 were in #B.  I’ve known her since middle school. We were in the band together, which means we both had to wear uniforms and goofy shoes and change in a variety of uncomfortable places. We also both loved Sailor Moon.

Rei is the one on the left.

The joke was that she was Sailor Jupiter because she was tall and had light brown hair, but she really wanted to be Sailor Moon. I was always Sailor Mars, at least until I learned about the Outer Senshi. That’s a completely different story, though, that involves me being a terrible otaku and eventually growing out of shoujo (mostly). Anyway, I was the one with the fiery personality and she was the sweet, innocent one. Neither of these things were true past a certain point, but we’ll go with it for now.

In high school I hated chemistry and she wasn’t a huge fan of biology, so we switched off and passed our classes. This later led to me being a vet tech and her getting her PhD. in organic chemistry. She’s one of those rare friends that can make you feel like a complete failure at the same time you’re incredibly proud of her. When we lived next door to each other, we went to the gym together, visited Wings n’ More together constantly (turns out the “n’ More” was fried pickle chips and buffalo meat), and speculated on the advisability of our friend naming his daughter after a video game character, to say nothing of our mutual “friend” Tinky the Closeted Homosexual. Seriously, he was a 25 year old guy who requested that we call him Tinky Winky.

Oh, DeviantArt, how did you get out of my crawlspace?

CNM was one of my bridesmaids for my first wedding and she has very kindly consented to be one of my bridesladies for my second wedding, even though it’s going to involve me signing up for Skype, which is terrifying on so many levels. It’s funny how whenever we end up talking it’s like we never were apart. It also usually ends up being hilarious.

This was a recent conversation we had:

Me: Hey, if I needed it for no particular reason would you be able to get me some hydrofluoric acid? Is that a thing?

CNM: You can order it through VWR or Fischer Scientific.  Beware, it’s a gas, so it will come in a pressurized vessel tube, and if you open it, it will escape and cause a lot of damage to your organs.  HF (hydrofluoric acid) is super highly horribly dangerous to people.  It will also eat away at the Calcium in your bones and brain.  Yuck.  You might be able to get a super diluted HF solution, but still just as dangerous.  Typically, even research chemists don’t do reactions with HF – they find other, safer alternatives.

 CNM: Please don’t tell me why you’re asking me this.
Me: No particular reason.
Me: Have you seen Breaking Bad, by any chance? It’s an excellent show. I am learning many things.

It’s an educational show.

Maybe if I learn enough chemistry from television I can afford to go to India and see her and RM^2 at some point. Not that I’m the next Walter White or anything. That would be HER part of the show, thank you very much. I’m more like Jesse, but without the meth and hookers.

In case you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, this is a good thing.


One thought on “Usagi and Rei Grow Up

  1. You know, I still frequent that Wings n’ More whenever I am in College Station during my obligatory twice-a-year trek up there. And luckily they still have the super caliente wing n’ tender combo. Good times.

    And skype isn’t so terrifying, when it works. There’s really no need for it, we have a skypeOUT (or whatever they’re calling it these days) number. It’s just a local Houston number that will ring us in India once we arrive. Yep, still not there yet. Long story involving questionable people who work in a shack under a freeway that have our passports.

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