Going Postal

It’s been an interesting day around here, mail-wise. Last week, Postcrossing had a contest where a group of Lithuanian members were giving away postcards that they had made.

So excited! (picture from Postcrossing’s site)

I was excited and entered because I had never had a card or anything from Lithuania but didn’t really expect to win out of 549 entries (look at that last number. 9. Those fucking 9s never amount to anything.) Guess who WON?! Here’s the follow up post, even!

Two more of my postcards arrived, which means I get my “limit” bumped up by one (i.e. I can send 6 cards at a time now instead of 5), which is good because one of my postcards that was supposed to be going to Wisconsin mysteriously never showed up and it’s been over a month. It’s neat to look at my stats: it takes about 3 days for a postcard to get somewhere above the Rio Grande, 11 days to get to Germany, Poland and the Netherlands and 24 days to get to Russia and Siberia. Like I said, neat!

So CNM saw my post yesterday and reminded me of the days when she and I used to send a journal back and forth to each other. We’d write in it for a week, then mail it to each other, write in each other’s and mail it back. Repeat until full, then start another. She said we should do it again, and I think it’s an awesome idea since she’s going to be in India and I’m going to be watching the world out of a computer. It’s also good for us because it helps us keep up with each other. I’m pretty sure those journals are still in Wisconsin, I should have Special K see if he can dig them up.

Reservoir Senshi. Miss Moon and Miss Mars.

Finally, I love looking at the Google searches that get people to my blog. Apparently writing about liking yaoi and writing fanfic porn means that I’m running a site here that has “penetration porn” and “masturbation porn.” If that’s the case, could someone point out those pages to me, because I would really love to check that out. Today I discovered my all-time favorite, however. Are you ready for this? I hope so because “scientist tellin me lies and shit” is AMAZEBALLS. So amazeballs, I had to make a thing.

Great thing? Or the GREATEST THING?

And now, back to listening to it thunder hard enough to set off car alarms, work on BN’s present and get some new Postcrossing addresses because I have two more available. Good times, yo.


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