The First-Ever Geekerella 9 x 12 Swap!

It’s no secret I love swaps. Craft swaps, foodie swaps, postcard swaps…I love seeing what other people pick out for me and I have fun picking out stuff for other people. That’s why I’m trying to run a swap for the first ever time!

Without further Ado, I present to you The Geekerella 9 x 12 Swap. There are a few basic rules to follow, so please have a look before committing to the swap. Think of this like the Unbreakable Vow from Harry Potter. Technically you’re not going to die if you flake. But you’ll make a baby kitten very sad and we don’t want that, do we?

  • Your limit is $12 for supplies, goodies, whatever you choose to send.
  • You need to send out your package by the 9th. If you have a problem, email me and we’ll work on it.
  • If you can cram it in a 9 x 12 envelope, it’s all good.
  • Put the right amount of postage on so your partner doesn’t have to pay the difference. Remember Wheaton’s Law.

Third rule up there is the most interesting. What I mean by that is you can send ANYTHING as long as it fits in that size envelope. If you want to cross-stitch a baby bib, go ahead. Make those potholders and lanyards people do at camp? Have at it. Just don’t be chintzy. By that I mean don’t send a cheap keyring when you could get a handmade scarf in return. I reserve the right to ask Chintzy Offenders not to participate again if I do this more than once.

On the 21st, I’ll do a roundup of your swaps! If you have a blog, you can post it on there and I’ll link to the post. If you don’t have a blog, you can send me pics and a message for your partner and I’ll post it here.

So! Sign up here before May 20th! On the 21st, I will send you out the name of your partner. You should email them and ask what they like just to get an idea, or gently stalk their blog/Twitter (I stole that from Da Cheeseblarg) so you don’t send them something that forces them to make the Crappy Birthday Gift Face.

If I get people from other countries, I’ll try and match you with someone from your same country (i.e. Canada with Canada). If you’re willing to send to other countries, please remember to allow extra time for mailing so they get them around the same time as everyone else. If for ANY REASON you’re not able to finish the swap after you signed up, email me immediately so I can make sure your partner receives something anyway.

Ready? Questions? Email me! Now are you ready? Okay, let’s DO this!

You can also grab one of these fancy banner-things to put on your blog to brag about your partner’s general awesomeness! Please link back here, though. I appreciate it!


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