Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow

Why the Hell did I agree to yellow?

As I said yesterday, I love swaps. I think I also mentioned that I was trying to get in on a Friendship Afghan swap. That is, for your information needs, a swap where you make two squares for each person in the swap, mail them to the host, she doles them out and sends them back to you. You join them and you have a fancy afghan that was made by you and however many people are in your swap. Here are some example of finished ones. Here’s one of them now.

This one is called “Rainbow of Grannies.”

The one I signed up for has 20 people in it including me. That means I make 40 squares, send them in a box to the lady hosting – except two, those are mine for my blanket – who ends up with 800 squares (!!!), which she then hands out among the participants and sends back in the same box. Fancy!

I didn’t particularly want to do the “Ladies’ Red Hat Society” one because I get enough shit for being an old woman with my high blood pressure, crafts and cats, so I signed up for the “Summer Sunshine” one without even thinking about how much I hate yellow until it was too late.

It’s not as if yellow bad-touched me as a child, but there are negative connotations for me. I’ve been trying to get over it lately by buying some yellow shirts, including my adorable Artichokey shirt. I love that shirt so much that I forgot how much I always hated yellow. Still waging war against pink for the most part, though I’m not sure why because my parents weren’t into gendered colors. Anyhow.

Mister E picked out the yarn for me and instead of getting bright obnoxious yellow, he chose a soft baby chick yellow that made me happy.

Here is the yarn.

For my square, I chose a pretty one that is simple enough that I can do it while I watch TV but complicated looking enough so people will be proud to have it in their afghan.

This is the square!

They suggested making a cardboard square to make sure we have the right gauge, which I did. We have a lot of scrap just laying around right now (our cats love cardboard) so I made one out of some of it and, to differentiate it from the rest of the chewed-up offal, I wrote Giant Bomb jokes all over it.


There are 45 days to finish the project, which means if I can make one square per day I’ll finish on time. That’s a good thing because my hands are already starting to hurt from all the cross-stitching. I will persevere, however, even if I have to dial back the stitchery. I haven’t crocheted in a while and need to make sure I don’t get all rusty. I want to do the “Royal” one in June, which is purple! All purple all the time! ❤ ❤

As for my aversion to yellow, this might help me get over it. Or it might break my hands. I could be paraphrasing Ted Leo here.


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