Week 27: Trouble

The Trifecta Challenge is to write anything, in whichever form, that is between 33 and 333 words based upon a word and definition given. This week’s word is “trouble.” My personal challenge is to weave the entries into an actual story. Word count verified by Written? Kitten!


Sahara Wechta supposed her troubles started when her mother gave her the unfortunate name. Every time she introduced herself to someone they asked if that was her “real name,” or else they assumed she was a stripper. For the most part, however, Sahara was completely and utterly normal. She was as happy about being average as most people were to be unique, which made her job at the call center more than bearable, it was enjoyable.

The only thing that wasn’t bearable was her boss, a small oily man who thought he was Casanova and Steve Martin rolled into one cheap cigar of a package. Most of the time she didn’t have to deal with him but on that particular day she looked up from selling a magazine subscription to see him coming toward her desk.

“Miss Greenway,” he said with a grin, and she held up a finger.

“Thank you, Mrs. Kellerman, National Wilderness appreciates your subscription. Your first issue should arrive within six to eight weeks. You have a wonderful day, ma’am.” As soon as she pushed the button to cut off the phone, she looked up at her boss. “I’m sorry, sir, I wanted to finish up with the client.”

“No problem,” he said, still grinning. “I just wanted you to know that Lisa won’t be coming back Monday. Something about a hostile work environment, I don’t know.”

“Maybe it was the picture of the donkey show you sent out last week. Or when you slapped her on the ass after her birthday party.”

“Not my fault,” her boss said with a leer. “She should work on getting a sense of humor while she’s on unemployment. Otherwise she’s not going to make it far in the world.” He laughed and shook his head, then sat on the edge of Sahara’s desk. “Hey, I heard the best Pollack joke the other day.”

Sahara stood up, took off her headset, and smiled at him. That was when the real trouble started.


5 thoughts on “Week 27: Trouble

  1. Love the Canova/Steve Martin description! Perfect tone for a total sleaze ball. This is a great story I can related to since I worked in a call center for five years. (not magazines but collections )

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