Good News for Hairstylists

Emergency blog post! I’ve decided on a new hairstyle! I know, I know, I wanted to have my hair done like Ikkyu for a while but then I was watching this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVUand I saw a girl with a really awesome ornately carved peg leg, and also hair that was perfect for me. It’s short, wavy and super-cute!

A minor setback occurred when I couldn’t find any pictures of it but was easily resolved by my ability to use the computer properly. I used some of my Mac utilities and snipped a few screen shots out.

Please observe the thick curls. My hair is already wavy/curly, so I think we’d be able to let my hair run free and wild and it would do this as long as I remembered to part it in the right place.

This is a length I could really get behind. It’s short enough to be comfortable and cute, and long enough to pull back into mini piggies when I run. I’ve had my hair about this length before and it was really cute. I just kept trying to blow it out and I think it would have been happier if I’d let it alone.

It’d be even better if I could dye my hair an interesting color, but let’s just go slowly for now.

Also, I got glitterbombed by one of The Band this afternoon. It was pretty great. It was kind of more like a Howler, but with copious amounts of glitter instead of shouting and flames. Because no one was actually present to fling glitter at me, I just dumped the entire thing over my head in the bathroom.

It’s all fun and games until someone has to vacuum.

Then I had to shower because glitter in your bra is really itchy. I couldn’t get some of it out of my hair, either, which is going to make running really shiny tomorrow morning. Either that or I’ll sweat glitter.



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