Food Trucks II: Return of the Food Trucks

In an attempt to keep me from wearing a rut into the couch, The Dad and Mister E conspired to get me out of the house by dangling one of the only things in the world that can get me out into public before my puffy eyes. FOOD TRUCKS.

Today was the Point Park and Eats‘ 1st Annual Crawfish Boil. We know how I feel about crowds, so we went early, I put on my wig and Mister E took me out to the Point for a taste of Louisiana.

Witness protection program.

I shared an order of bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp…


…and one of fried jambalaya balls from the Fat Bellies Cajun truck with Mister E…

Messy and delicious

…then scarfed down a strawberry banana and Nutella crepe from Crepe Nation for afters.


Of course I had to get some more of those Kitchen Fuzions sweet potato tots and finished up with a cream and wedding cake snowball from The Frigid Frog. I couldn’t help myself.

Then, of course, we had to patronize the Art-O-Mat. Denise was just reloading the machine with some new stuff they’d gotten in and I was excited. There were no more of my fabric art prints (boo!) but there were some wonderful new items to pick from. I selected some beautiful fused glass from Lisa’s Exclusive Glass

This is beautiful. It almost looks like agate!

…and Mister E got some fantastic tiny buttons from Artbot138!

He loves the Henchman #17 one best, I think.

Once again, an amazing day. Last night I had a massive panic attack worrying about it but today was super-fantastic. I don’t think I’m going to eat again for about eighteen years, which is when this food baby will graduate college. Blerg. I have once again become a victim of kummerspeck. And it was glorious.


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