A Writer’s Best Friend

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a writer. Sort of. I self-published a couple of books and have also been in three out of the four Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers’ Soul books and a couple of magazines. Because I’m pretty much an unknown writer, I get really happy whenever people compliment me. So I was extremely happy when, in response to last Thursday’s Trifecta Challenge entry post, I got a bunch of great comments. Here are some of them.

  • “I love the humor and the sass in this piece. And I adore the line, ‘She was as happy about being average as most people were to be unique.'”

  • “Love the Casanova/Steve Martin description! Perfect tone for a total sleaze ball.”

  • “’Casanova and Steve Martin rolled into one cheap cigar of a package.’ i loved that line.”
  • “John Updike said, ‘Prose should have a flow … It should feel like a voice tumbling into your ear.’ This piece certainly does that. Well done.”

I was as happy as a little clam. Add that to going to the food trucks on Saturday and not having a panic attack in public (okay, I drugged myself a little) and my happy was easier to find than usual. Now if only I could find myself an agent!

Visit The Band and share YOUR dose of happy!


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