Hooking Up a Storm

Still hard at work on squares for the Friendship Afghan.

This is what I’ve got so far.

Lucky 15

This is what 15 squares look like all fanned out.  Whee!

Suddenly I want pancakes.

And that’s what they look like stacked up. I know, I’m excited too. Remember how I said that if I made one square a day that I’d be on track? Well, this was what I had mid-Saturday so I’d say I’m well ahead of myself. At last count I had twenty four so I’m pretty jazzed. We lost one person from the swap, which means I have to make 38 squares instead of 40. Actually, to send my box, I need to make 36. I keep my own, meaning that the 36 can be on their way while I make the last two for myself.

The only problem is that it’s becoming obsessive for me. I sit down, I crochet, I watch movies with Mister E. Rinse, repeat. Next cycle I’ll have three full months to complete the squares so I can be a little less proactive about it if I like.

Little balls of sunshine in a bag!

I decided I was going to try and do half the squares in one shade of yellow and half in a darker shade of yellow, with the darker ones in a different pattern. That did not work out. In fact, I wasted half a day making and tearing apart what would have been two and a half squares because one looked terrible, one had the wrong directions and one was the wrong gauge. So I’m doing the two different yarn colors in the same pattern and I think it’s turning out just fine. I cannot wait to get my squares from everyone else and make an afghan. Cannot. Wait. I haven’t decided how I’m going to join them yet but probably simple stitching with a picot edge.

More interesting, happy news! My friends Pais and Boo Radley got their present!

She has deemed it “sufficiently pretty!”

That is Pais carefully examining the stitchwork. She approved of it! My own cats put aroma and snarfs on it, so I’m sure she’s reading their messages carefully.

She also trod upon it.

It’s a celebration of Two Cats Magazine, which you can buy in regular or digital form here! Also, go read Hey Pais! They are journal comics by a very pretty cat and also feature a handsome and brave boy cat named Boo Radley. I will post a full review of TCM when I get my copy, don’t you worry about that. Yay!

Saturday was also our co-op day, which means we now have produce out the wazoo.

Look at all that deliciousness.

This week was corn, cucumber, a honeydew melon, cauliflower, carrots, bananas, tomatoes, onions, lemons, D’anjou pears, bell peppers, blackberries and apricots. Let me tell you, those apricots are delicious. There was one more than what was in the picture but Mister E got to them first. I’m very, very glad the bananas and tomatoes are sort of unripe because we still have tomatoes from last week and bananas I need to use in smoothies.

BN is looking into starting up with the co-op in her city, which is super-exciting to me. I looked up whether or not there was one nearby on Bountiful Baskets’ site and there were two! I love spreading the word about healthy produce that will also save people money, especially since I know she’s in the same boat as us moneywise.

Between the crocheting and the food co-op, it almost sounds like I’m turning into a hippie or something. I’m not even going to get into the fact that I just got permission from Mister E to start vermicomposting on our back porch. Oh well. There are much worse things I could be, right? I could be playing Warcraft.


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