Law and Order: Sexy Detectives Unit

Why, what do you call SVU at your house? We can’t help that all the detectives on the show are hot or awesome or a combination of hot and awesome. Hotsome.

Click through for massive L&O love. All of the sexy. ALL OF IT.

Tonight is the Season 13 finale of Special Victims Unit, which I will not be seeing until tomorrow because we have no television and I watch it on Hulu. Apparently it is going to be, as they say, a humdinger. As is the custom for season finales, someone will likely die or have a terrible revelation. As it is, there’s already a scene they showed with Captain Cragen in his undershirt with blood on his hands. OH NOES.

I’ve been watching SVU since its premiere so I have no problem in saying this. I don’t really like how this season started out. There, I said it. It’s not because Chris Meloni isn’t on there anymore, though I will miss Stabler having his rage issues all over the interrogation room. As long as Mariska’s still on there, I’m all right with breaking in some new sexy detectives every now and then.


Going off on a brief Mariska tangent here. I. LOVE. Mariska. Hargitay. Like Whoa. It’s no secret around here, either. If I ever had a chance with her, it’s a done deal. No questions asked. Mister E is fine with this. In fact, he encourages it. She’s a real woman, not some creepy stick figure, and her character is a strong woman. Olivia Benson does not pose onscreen, she punches guys, she screams up in the faces of perps and loses her cool. In short, she acts like a TV detective regardless of gender. Not just that, she shows her feminine side on a regular basis and isn’t afraid to use her ladylike wiles to win over a witness or deceive a perp. She’s the heroine and the femme fatale all in one and I adore her.

She’s the best, yo.

Yes, her autographed headshot is one of my prized possessions. Right up there with a copy of my first check for selling an essay and my old wedding rings.

Anyhow, there were a couple of episodes this season that I didn’t particularly like because I felt like we weren’t watching a Law and Order episode, it felt like we were watching a suspense movie. Mister E doesn’t like the “family drama” because he thinks it takes away from the police procedural angle, but I like it. I just didn’t like the cutting back and forth to the guy chasing the victim through the woods because it spoils the “who” in whodunnit and I’d much rather watch them piece together his identity than have it given to me along with his location and motivation.

The later episodes were much better, even though there was some stuff with the score and camera angles that I didn’t like. That’s just nitpicky, though, and I’m not going there right now. I’m excited to see the finale tomorrow and looking forward to Season 14 in the fall. I liked Rollins and Amaro, even though I didn’t think I would, and I think they played well with the rest of the team. I liked Munch being in more of a leadership role, and I loved Ice-T’s family drama portion even if it made me super-sad. There were also real-life superheroes, a relationship (!!) for Benson and a girl with a peg leg. I love SVU so  much, I’m considering buying the finale on Amazon so I can watch it in real time.

Ice-T says “Cough up a buck for the little lady.”

Speaking of buying things on the internet from Amazon! Please direct your attention to the right, where you may see some books being offered for sale. Those are MY books (the Chicken Soup ones have my essays in them!) and I would appreciate if you would consider a purchase. All proceeds go to the “please don’t make me and my cats eat each other” fund. Thank you, and enjoy your show. I know I will.


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