Blankets and a Holy Carp

Today’s dose of happy is brought to you by complete strangers.

You see, I can’t afford my meds. Hell, we can’t afford our rent or utilities with me not working much less $125+ for medications. Anything else has also gone up in smoke, like enjoyment or goodies that don’t cost more than $5 (Mister E bought me a Fluttershy, and NO I AM STILL NOT A BRONY).

To try and make a little money, I put one of my baby afghans up for sale on Ebay. It’s my favorite out of all the ones I’ve made, actually. I was a little afraid no one would bid because people don’t usually like to buy handmade things on Ebay because they can go to Target and get the same thing for about $10. However, something even better happened.

One of my Twitter friends said she had friends who are lining up to buy this blanket directly from me and that she has others who would like to order custom blankets. I already sold the peach blanket and shipped it out, and have two confirmed orders once the people involved know the sex of the baby and/or the parents’ color scheme. I have warned them about my slowness because of my hands and they are not only willing to be patient, they’re also paying me what the blankets are worth. HOLY CARP.

Art by Nelli J.Vandenberg. It’s PERFECT.

So now I’m potentially in the business of making blankets for people to support myself a little. I’m back to being able to give a little bit of money to the family account and I’m using my art to do it. I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me, in spite of the medication situation, being suddenly disabled, and broke.

What is YOUR dose of happy? Hop over and visit my Bandmates at Band Back Together and see what theirs are!


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