Two Cats Magazine: A Review

Hello. My name is Mima, and I am the prettiest cat in this house. The Geekerella asked me to write a review of Two Cats Magazine and of course I agreed because I like her and knew it would be a wonderful magazine.

This is Two Cats Magazine.

Two Cats Magazine is written by Paisley the Cat and Boo Radley from Hey Pais, which are journal comics by a cat. I love reading it because there are lots of tips about how to be even prettier than I am, which is hard because I have been practicing for 15 years. Did you know my birthday is in a month? You can send presents if you like.

So TCM is really great because there are even more tips on how to be pretty in it. There are also nice ads for products that help around the house and help with grooming and hygiene, something my brothers and sisters really need help with. I left my copy of TCM open on the computer because I was hoping they’d get the hint but so far their butts and the brightness of their feet have still been sort of lacking so I doubt they’ve been reading.

I don’t like being interrupted.

There are also really great interviews and a recipe for cat treats that Geekerella says she’s going to make for me! I love catnip. It reminds me of being a kitten and going to concerts in the bushes, even though sometimes it makes my back hurt to roll on it and I need to sleep for nine or ten hours to recover. Maybe eating it will give me a buzz that doesn’t make me work too hard.

My favorite part of TCM is the fashion spreads. Like I said, I’m the prettiest cat in this house. But there is always room for someone to be prettier and fashion items like jeweled ear clips and dresses are the perfect fit for me. All I have to do is get a hold of someone’s credit card verification number and I’ll be in style in no time.

Here you can see how pretty I am.

In summary, I am giving Two Cats Magazine my seal of approval. It is a great magazine for people and cats alike; cats to get tips and learn things about being pretty, and humans to learn about cats and see things that we would like to have for presents, which is really the reason we keep them around. Thank you, Pais and Boo Radley for giving me the opportunity to review your wonderful magazine. I think it will be a best seller!

Here is where you can buy it! You can get it on the computer or in a book copy that is also very good for resting on.


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