Love and Snarfs!

It’s Dose of Happy time!

My friend Sara M makes comics with her cat Pais! I had been reading them for a little while when we got to be Twitter friends and now we are regular friends too, as evidenced by the fact that she sent me an amazing care package to fill me with happy and give me a hard copy of TCM. It’s super effective!

Cute stationary!

Lots of postcards!

Yay, TCM and OffBeat Bride!

Look at all these wonderful things! She sent me some adorable Japanese and Korean stationary (I LOVE NyanNyanNyanko, the cat who hides in food!), a ton of really cool postcards to use for PostCrossing, and copies of Two Cats Magazine and OffBeat Bride. My cats are intrigued by all of it, because there are different cat smells on the stuff and they have to give them snarfs to try and mix their aromas. This makes more sense if you’re a cat lady.

She also taught me a great new recipe called a peanut butter and belly sandwich on the Twitter. That’s where you eat peanut butter right out of the jar. I’ve been making these for years and didn’t even know it! Her other tweet led to my rubbing my little Buddha belly and shouting “PEANUT BUTTER BELLY TIME” all around the house, interspersed with “tubbytubbytubtubs” as a backbeat. That’s a YouTube Channel, by the way. An adorable one.

A lot my happy sure does come from comic artists! That is probably the best thing ever. What’s making you happy today? Hop on over to Band Back Together and share YOUR dose of happy!


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