The Fluttershy Report

Okay, fine. I might be a Brony. I warned you people about this, though. I warned you that if I watched Friendship is Magic that this would probably happen. So to anyone out there who is complaining about all the Pony talk I’ve been doing later, you can take take that horseshit and shovel it. See what I did there?

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of cross-stitching lately. It’s something to do with my hands and it’s dirt cheap, since I already have something like three hundred colors of floss and several rolls of Aida cloth. All of those things are also cheap, so when I run out all I have to do is root some money out from under the sofa and send Mister E to Hobby Lobby. He’s gotten so good at recognizing the different colors of floss that he’s faster at picking them out than me.

This last week, I’ve been working on a lot of Pony cross-stitch projects. I made one regular Fluttershy and one of her in her Grand Galloping Gala dress, both of which were mostly completed while watching FIM. I actually cobbled together the pattern for the Gala one myself out of a picture from the show and someone’s Minecraft project. I think she turned out pretty well! Here are some in-progress pictures for your perusal:

This coming week, I’m working on a commission for Sparkle J – the lovely lady who is making my wedding dress – of her favorite FIM moment: Pinkie Pie wearing a chicken costume. You heard me. I can. Not. WAIT. Don’t worry, there will be pictures. I also have another girl who may want to buy a regular Pinkie! I might just make a bunch of the Mane Six and put them on Etsy. I wonder if people would go for that?

It seems like most of my DOH Mondays have been craft-related recently! What’s your dose of happy for today? Pop on over to Band Back Together to share, or just read some more of our Bandmates’ happies!


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