Aunty Psychotic

My dose of happy for today is that I actually get to take a dose of the medication my shrink prescribed me!

I’m going to start out by saying that I love Target Pharmacy. Specifically, the one I go to. It’s actually farther than a couple of the other Targets near me but I’ve always gotten such excellent customer service there that it’s worth the drive to me. They’re fast, friendly, know my name (I should get frequent flyer miles) and extremely professional. I had to buy Plan B one time and was worried because I’d heard horror stories about people trying to get it on the weekend in this town. Nope, not a problem for my pharmacist!

The other day, though, she did something that made me love her more than I ever thought possible.

I even love their wacky pill bottles.

When I first dropped off my prescription for Risperdal, I asked how much it would cost. The lady told me it would be $135 for a month’s supply. Immediate panic attack. Mister E and I tried to figure out what we could go without so we could buy my medication and we came up with nothing, so I’ve gone without my crazy head pills for almost two months.

Enter my pharmacist. I asked her for the exact price when I was at the pharmacy picking up my blood pressure medication and she typed it in, worked a little magic with some generic savings card she had on file, told me with her usual smile that it would be $13.50 and asked if Mister E and I wanted to wait for it or pick it up later.

“WE’LL WAIT,” said a visibly relieved Mister E. The second we were out of earshot of the pharmacist, we both started that sort of nervous babbling that occurs when an enormous weight has been taken off your shoulders. In our case, it was about Sony’s use of proprietary memory cards for the PSP, but whatever. We were just so damn relieved that I was finally going to be able to start taking the medication I had been prescribed so I could stop hallucinating and start getting better. So far, it’s going well even if it does make me a little sleepy.

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2 thoughts on “Aunty Psychotic

  1. Only partially proprietary. My camera also uses Memory Sick Pro Duo memory. Ah crap, nevermind, it’s a Sony camera.

    In any case, I bought a huge MSPD online for real cheap. It’s a 32GB model and was big enough to rip all of my PSP games onto it (to preserve battery life — it’s amazing how much more battery life you get when you’re playing games off of solid state memory vs. running the motor and laser of the UMD drive)

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