The Worst Ending

You know what I always tell the kids playing RPGs? Save. Save frequently. To multiple files.

Mister E and I have been watching Giant Bomb‘s Chrono Trigger Endurance Run, and the third time out of the chute they lost their save file because they were playing on a SNES with the original cartridge. The 16 year old battery in it decided it was going to just crap out and they lost an entire day’s worth of gameplay.

“Those poor bastards,” I thought. “I’m so glad I’m saving to an external memory source and not relying on an old cartridge. I’d probably die if that happened to me.”


I have new sympathy for those magnificent bastards now, because last night I finished Disc 1 of Chrono Cross. The familiar words “INSERT DISC 2” came up on the screen and I did as it requested because I was damn proud of myself. And then, nothing. Nothing happened. I reset the console and it told me to insert Disc 1, which I did, then proceeded not to pull up Disc 1 either. I reset the console again with Disc 1 inside it and it started up properly. Then proceeded to lock up again when I tried to put in Disc 2.

According to the internet, this happens. A lot. Often with multi-disc games from the original Playstation. Fortunately, the internet had an answer for me regarding how to make this horrible nightmare end: “buy a PSX.” That is to say, an original Playstation so I can play it natively.

Granted, I can get a PSX on Ebay for $15. Mister E’s friend at work says I can borrow his old one. But the memory cards aren’t forward compatible, which means that the multiple save files on the PS2 card won’t be useable on said PSX. If I want to get back to the point where I was last night, I’ll have to play another 33 hours worth of Chrono Cross.


Really, there’s nothing for it but to either start my game over or just pretend that none of it ever happened and play something else. If I can get a hold of Mister E’s friend’s PSX I’ll probably play it again but just skip any and all side quests that don’t have to do with my favorite characters and those integral to the plot. Which means I’m not going to go to the Shadow Forest and hunt around for the mushroom guy or run all over the damned world looking for the skeleton pieces.

Or I might just start playing Final Fantasy VIII or something. On the PSX, though, because I’ll be damned if I’m going through this again. Screw your supposed backward compatibility right in the controller port.

UPDATE: My friend RM^2 tells me that I may have inadvertently saved this to a PSX card. It would make sense because the first time I tried saving it to a PS2 labeled card it refused, but I’m not holding out hope just yet. My life would be a much happier place if it was true, though.


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