Getting Crafty – Guest Post

Today we have another guest post! No, it’s not by my cat this time – though I really should let her do another one – it’s by my friend BecominNeurotic from Band Back Together. She’s an amazing person and a wonderful friend, and has gotten me through some really rough patches. We have a lot in common, but one of the big ones is crafting and that’s what she’s written about for me today. It’s originally from her blog – which you should totally go read – and is a great introduction to her and her writing. Give her some love!

Ever since I started working with The Band, I’ve been working on trying to view life and the hands I’m dealt a bit more positively.

Part of that is finding alternative therapy or ways to distract myself from focusing on my illness.

I’ve had many suggestions, not any without some merit. But I had to find something that spoke to me (and fit into the budget) (shopping sprees were out). And that, my friends, is where Natalie came to my rescue and we really bonded.

She started tweeting about her crafting. And Lordy did that speak to my soul. I was inspired. So I dug out my supplies box from the closet and started dreaming up ideas.

Now, I’ve always been the girl that enjoys giving to people. Whether it’s baked goods or the shirt off my back, I want to make people smile, I NEED to help. And so I made a few crafty things for friends. And the response was huge.

Especially within me.

See, what I didn’t immediately realize was that the crafting wasn’t just helping others. It became my therapy. It’s a way for me to shut out the noise in my head and let my imagination fly. And? I’m helping people. Honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I was so excited about something.

So that’s my alternative therapy. For you it may be yoga or meditation or even exercise. Some respond to shopping or gardening or cleaning. I craft.

And it’s all Natalie’s fault 😉


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