So Mister E’s friend brought the PSX on Friday and I was finally able to hook it up with many sighs of relief and some admitted trepidation. I was pretty freaked out by the thought that it might not work and that I’d have to start the game over so there was a lot of shaking and one small panic attack.

It looks like this, with a green controller.

When I plugged it in, I put in the disc and the memory card and fired it up. It told me there was no memory card. That was when the panic started. Fortunately, years of Atari/Nintendo/SNES cartridges have taught me that sometimes all you need is to seat the thing better. I seated it better in the slot and ta-dah! Chrono Cross is back in business!

His friend hasn’t said when he needs it back, and I’m very strongly considering asking the guy if he wants to sell it to me. If I can get a fully working model without worrying about the mail and he can get some extra money for games. Everyone wins, especially me because I get to play the older Final Fantasy games without worrying about losing my mind if the multi-disc problem happens again.

Also, a tiny happy was had by our family because we were able to buy three games for the price of one yesterday. It’s been rough for us because we have no money lately, but there was a sale on and we were able to get all three for about $25. It still counted as a huge splurge for us but sometimes you just have to do it. I got Final Fantasy X and FFIV: Dirge of Cerberus, and he got Bayonetta (sigh). Looks like we’ll be using the game systems in shifts again.

Find yourself a dose of happy today, then get on over to Band Back Together and share it. Do it! For the kitties!


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