SOMEONE Should Be Ashamed Here

I don’t remember how Mister E found this thing online but he felt the need to show it to me immediately because why should only one of us be pissed off?

In case you’ve never heard of it, the “Walk of Shame” is when a woman goes home after impulsively spending the night with someone and has to do so in her clothes from the previous evening. It’s the spiritual cousin of the “Wall of Shame” that a fraternity at my college had in their house, where they hung up pictures of girls that they’d slept with. Mister E said he really hopes it’s supposed to be joke but I don’t care if it IS a gag gift. A lot of the crap they sell in stores like Spencer’s is supposed to be a joke and I don’t think most of it is remotely funny.

What this thing is telling us is that a woman who wears the same clothes home in the morning obviously has something to be ashamed of, and in this situation that is the fact that she went home with someone and probably had sex with them. Let’s get this straight; there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending the night at someone’s house. If you met them at a bar or club, perhaps it wasn’t the best choice to make but there is no reason whatsoever to expose a consenting adult to ridicule and shame because their choice of after-dark activity doesn’t fit into your idea of what is socially acceptable.

This sort of thing perpetuates the double standard of “guys who have casual sex are STUDS, women who have casual sex are SLUTS.” It also has the effect of telling men that they’re supposed to be banging everything that has a vagina because they’re guys and that’s what guys do.

I can only assume that the designers want you to think that their clothes make this woman so incredibly attractive that guys are lining up to have sex with her, and that they make the men so sexy that the woman is begging for all of them to service her. A large percent of the population likely thinks that because it’s implied that she’s going to have sex with all these men she must be a slut.

Things like the “Walk of Shame Kit” serve to make women ashamed of their sexuality. Not only that, the description of the contents (namely, the “Call/Don’t Call Card”) clearly further the idea that you must have been drunk to go home with this person and adds to the shame of the situation. Obviously, you went out and got wasted because that’s the only way a woman would dare do something as shameful as spend the night at a man’s house when they aren’t in a relationship. It also implies that you were probably so drunk that you don’t remember having oral sex with this person, or that you were so indiscriminate in your choice of fling that you feel the need to wipe yourself down with an antibacterial wipe upon waking. Because you were drunk, which makes you a whore.

The thing that I like the least about this is that their website encourages men to keep one on hand because you never know when you might have to kick a slutty chick from the bar out of your place, and the least you can do for her is make sure she doesn’t take your clothes with her. Oh, and they’re donating some money to breast cancer awareness too. That means it can’t possibly be sexist and misogynistic – it’s downright female-friendly!

Maybe I just have a different group of friends because if I showed up wearing the same clothes I had on the night before, they all gave me high-fives and wanted to hear all the details. Usually the details included descriptions of books we recommended to one another and bragging about my new high score on a video game, so I suppose that says a lot about me, as well. ::thumbs up::


4 thoughts on “SOMEONE Should Be Ashamed Here

  1. This is fucking ridiculous. It reminds me of the t-shirts for preteens with phrases like “meet the twins” across the chest. It’s the gag gift phenomenon that’s doubly harmful for women that allows companies to make blatantly sexist products and call it “cheeky” or “satire”. Any petitions to get this pulled from shelves? Definitely linking this in my post of Dumbassness today.

    • As far as I know, it’s still being sold. My fiance found it, probably on a site saying how awful it was (he reads a lot of political and social issues blogs), and we were both hoping it was an old link. Nope. It doesn’t help that they have a blog with so many people saying how funny and useful it is.

      And I HATE those shirts. Then again, I hate pretty much any shirt that capitalizes on a woman’s sexuality to sell something or under the guise of charity (case in point: those awful “I cop a feel so cancer can’t steal” shirts). Whenever I go to the store I find myself heartily refreshed that I don’t have a daughter so that I don’t have to hear “But EVERYONE is wearing thong underwear and padded swimsuits!” when they’re in second grade.

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