All-One Futureme Email

Have you ever tried Dr. Bronner’s Soap? It’s great stuff. Now, have you ever actually read the label for that wonderful soap? Since I worked at the health food store, I had plenty of time to read it (though I never did send away for the magical booklet they advertise) and let it sink in.

Go ahead, click through and enlarge it. You can read the whole thing.

Basically what he’s saying on this label is that he’s insane. I am not joking. He escaped from a mental institution when he was younger and started making soap. No word on whether or not that was one of his structured free time activities. However, “Dr. Emanuel Bronner was a master soapmaker, self-proclaimed rabbi, and, allegedly, Albert Einstein’s nephew,” according to filmmaker Sara Lamm, the lady behind Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox. I haven’t watched this yet, but it’s been in my Netflix queue for a while and it’s about time I sat down for some learning.

Holy. Wow.

What made me think about good ol’ Dr. B and his magical mystery medicine was a spam comment I moderated the other day, which also reminded me of my friend with the knowledge of the underwater people of the Bermuda Triangle. I have placed it here in its entirety now that it has been sent into nothingness, for both posterity and amusement.  Sic throughout, of course, and the emphasis is mine where I removed spam links.

 when you actually put ones ipod in shuffle and it also keeps taking part in awesome tune after amazing song Rimmel as well as O. P. I!! buut.. i simply just got just one from OPI although im very pleased with it; D Definately! akthough that was like your post for years ago, it experienced something to do with scars it’s my opinion… [ONE SPAMMY LINK] Aha! I started using it! Who pops up with that incredibly inventive stuff?! I adore it! I could do this kind of… I’m with midlife at a significant juncture with education/work/relationships, so it’s the perfect time to write a real futureme e-mail! Thanks for that link! Hey: Please don’t utilize personal attacks. I avoid using them on hand. The innovative civility, you understand? Tuscon, Virginia Technological, Fort Hood, the D. C. shooter. You term them. They absolutely are terrorists to my opinion and well inside the definition promulgated through Homeland Basic safety. You don’t have to wear any scarf around your mind to become terrorist. Ask the actual residents of Oklahoma Urban center. Certainly, increased budgetry expenses have grabbed potential unusual attacks although that happened after the ’93 attack around the Twin Towers as well. And there seemed to be certainly superior intelligence to the 911 attack too yet ’43 took a long summer holiday and ignored much of it. Today, there are usually countless “war rooms” about America which are fed brains from a large number of cameras. In Annapolis, cops on motorcycles acquire pictures regarding license plates to generate data financial institutions. Reason: one from the 911 terrorist pilots appeared to be stopped for just a routine traffic the night before the actual attack. The thinking ability gathering can be substantial and expensive. And as brought up above, with the days Square incident and others, it possesses actually been recently private citizens that have tipped from the police more times compared to not. The “ME” can be a disaster waiting to occur and each of our presence has produced a Community of Panic. But “Al Quaeda” is in Pakistan/Yemen and never Egypt currently but Isreal sure is involved about Egypt and is also not worried to push the press button. So, I ask you “Hey” is a Middle Eastern side and the usa safer at this point after nearly 10 years into a War with Terror? I don’t think so. [ANOTHER SPAMMY LINK]

The site they were linking to, by the way, was “vaporizersftw dot com.” Which should have been an awesome name for a site if they weren’t spamming the shit out of people. And we know how I feel about spam.


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