Two Cats Interview: Part One

Hello again. This is Mima, the best and oldest cat in the house. I asked Mom if I could use her computer again because I was re-reading Two Cats Magazine and thought that maybe the people who read her blog would like to meet the cats behind Two Cats Magazine, Paisley the Cat and Boo Radley. They are very interesting cats and you should know more about them.

It was supposed to be only one post but we got to emailing and I got so much good stuff that I thought I would break it into two parts for you. I hope you will enjoy them both!

Okay, this first question is for both cats. Where did you come from?

Pais: I was born on a farm in central Indiana. One of The Girl’s friends took me and my littermates to a clinic to be neutered. My littermates all acted feral and weren’t very friendly. Not me, though! I wanted to be in a human lap. The Girl’s friend needed someone to take care of me and give me medicine (I had a sneezy cold), so he asked The Girl if I could stay with her a few days. Once The Girl and I met, it was best-friendship at first sight.

Art copyright Paisley the Cat, 2010

Boo: I came from all over! I had a home and then I went to the shelter and then I had another home for kind of a while and then I went back to the shelter and then I went to a cat show and then I went back to the shelter and then the Guy and the Girl came and said I should stay for forever with them. So I did.

Thank you! I like hearing where other cats come from. That is much more interesting than where I came from, which was a parking lot. Pais, you’re a very pretty cat. Is it hard being pretty? I know sometimes it’s hard for me being the prettiest cat here. Also, please tell me a little about your ear.

Pais: You should know a lot about being pretty, Mima! Being pretty itself isn’t hard–it just comes naturally. The attention from certain boy cats can be a bit much, though. Sometimes The Girl asks me to help her with her prettiness, does yours ever do that? I usually clean off her nose for her with my tongue, and sometimes help do her hair. My ear has the point clipped off! I was a trap-neuter-return cat. Here’s a comic I drew about it: I think my clipped ear is very tough-looking, and I get a lot of compliments on it.

It definitely makes you look unique and lovely! Now, Boo Radley, Do you have any special talents? I heard you’re a very good jumper.

Boo: I’m very proud of my Impressive Vertical Leap and so it gets capitalized. Basically the whole thing is that I have very strong back paws. Some people say one of my talents would be my handsome face, but I think a gentleman never tells!

Well, I think you’re very handsome. One of The Other cats here looks a lot like you but he’s kind of annoying and not as good looking. Speaking of, Pais, has it been hard adjusting to a new cat in the house? I’ve lived here for 12 years and I’m still not used to The Others.

Pais: Ugh, NO COMMENT.

Art copyright Paisley the Cat, 2011

Pais: Seriously, New Cat and I do a little bit of play-fighting now and then, but we mostly stay out of each other’s way. One difference is that if I don’t finish my food right away, he comes and finishes it for me! So I’ve learned to eat faster. He’s not really into sitting in a lap, so I still get all my snuggle-time in. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you to share a house with so many Others! You are very brave.

Thank you. I think so too. This one is for both cats, sort of. Pais, what is it like drawing comics and Boo Radley, have you ever tried helping her?

Pais: Drawing comics is the best. I recommend it for any cat! The drawing is relaxing and fun, and posting comics online is a great way to meet cool people and cats. For example, that’s how I know you!

Boo: Ha ha ha ha nope. That is a mistake I tried once and not again!

Boo Radley, I think that is a story I would like to hear sometime! Here is a question for you while I’m at it; I read in Two Cats Magazine that you are a brave explorer! What is your favorite place that you have explored and where would you like to go next?

Boo: It’s true that I like to explore! It’s one of my favorite things, even if I’m just checking up on Carrots and ‘exploring’ how her mood is that day, and if she would scratch at my face if I maybe licked her head a little. I’ve been to basically every place in the apartment, even though some places are technically off-limits (kitchen counter, the dryer, under the sink, utility closet, etc.). My favorite place to explore, though, is outside the front door of the apartment. I’m always trying to think up new schemes to get out there and find out why the floor there is different and what the deal with stairs is. I’ve even made it all the way to the peak of the stairs a couple times and there are some shoes there that don’t belong to The Guy or The Girl but Strangers and that is TANTALIZING and SCARY. My goal is to get up there for more than two seconds before I get picked up and carried back downstairs so that I can find out what the deal is with this mysterious other civilization.

You’re even braver than I thought! Strangers scare me a lot, too, and I don’t go outside our front door at all. I was a stray outside so I’m very happy to stay inside so bad things don’t happen. I’m very impressed! Pais, our family has several of your catnip mice and they’re really great. I just roll my head on mine but The Others really love playing with them. Does The Girl make them?

Pais:  Actually, The Girl doesn’t make them. She’s not that good at crochet!

Pais:  When we lived in Indianapolis, we went to a vet called Indy Cat Doctor. (They’re really great people EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE VETS, and I highly recommend them if you’re in the area.) Dr. Johns, who works there, crochets the mice and gives them to patients for being brave during exams. After we moved away, The Girl would call and buy mice for me and for my grandparents’ cats, because they’re the best toys. Then when we started the Hey Pais store, it seemed like a fun thing to sell. We buy them from Dr. Johns by the hundred!

Pais:  I like to rub my face on them, too. Snarf snarf snarrrrrrrrrf.

It seems like a lot of work goes into them, even if you and The Girl don’t make them. Boo Radley, you have a lot of jobs. What is it like working in Quality Control for the catnip mice?

Boo: I just like to stay busy. I am only 3, so I’m trying to figure out even what it is I like doing, so I do a lot of stuff! Quality control is one of those jobs that is SO FUN when you first do it and have never had much toys of your own that you didn’t lose. After a while though that first rush of catnip is gone and it is like, “When is nap break?”

That’s all for the first part of my interview with Paisley and Boo Radley. Please be sure to tune in tomorrow for the second half of the interview, where we talk about catnip mice and Two Cats Magazine!

– Mima


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