Two Cats Interview: Part Two

Hello again. This is Mima, the best and oldest cat in the house. I asked Mom if I could use her computer again because I was re-reading Two Cats Magazine and thought that maybe the people who read her blog would like to meet the cats behind Two Cats Magazine, Paisley the Cat and Boo Radley. They are very interesting cats and you should know more about them.

It was supposed to be only one post but we got to emailing and I got so much good stuff that I thought I would break it into two parts for you. I hope you will enjoy them both!

Tell me more about your amazing studies about carrying kibble around. What got you started on your research?

Boo: Okay so one day I was standing over the food bowl, and I was eating some of the kibble just normal like you do if you eat from a bowl of kibble, but then I heard a noise, and I had to go and see what it was. It turned out it was just the guy but I had wound up taking some kibbles with me in my cheeks. Like I had two special kibble pockets in my face! I thought if I could carry kibble around, then I could be eating whenever and wherever, not just over some bowl. Then the next question became, “Okay, but how many can you carry around up there, buddy?” And that’s what I’ve been puzzling over ever since.

Art copyright Paisley the Cat, 2012

Wow! How much kibble can you carry at one time? I think Mom’s readers would like to know!
Boo: Twelve, maybe? More than that is too many and every time you add one, another one plops out and it is a slobbery one and then no one will eat it.

One more quick question for you, Boo Radley, and I think it’s one all the readers of Hey Pais would like to hear. Can you tell me a little about your friend Tanjo? His glasses are very handsome!

Boo: Tanjo is my best friend and #1 mouse. He is called Tanjo because his name is Tangerine Mouse and Tanjo is short for that. He knows all sorts of stuff that I don’t. Just for example: he set me up on Twitter at first and showed me how to work the spacebar, because I hadn’t gotten that far in keyboarding class yet when I moved out of the shelter. Pretty cool, right? Well, he’s also the biggest cut-up I know! He’s always pulling off the best pranks and we have so many just-best-friends secret goofs it’s crazy. Plus he’s so tough and brave and you should really be interviewing him!

Boo: (He says you are kind to mention his glasses which he calls his “readers”.)

Now, here’s another question for both cats and one that The Other cats agreed was very important. What shows are you looking forward to this Fall on Window? Do you have “Dry Grass and the Heat Waves” there?

Pais: Oooo, Fall Window. We get Yellow Tree, which is probably my favorite.  They don’t show much Grass on Window here, more like Sidewalk and Street.

Boo: We got early screeners of Heat Wave and wow did it look like they really upped the ante this season! “Men With Tall Hats” isn’t back on yet, is it? It’s my favorite, and I sometimes will get to stay up late to watch it. Lately, I’ve started getting into bounce’mballs because it is a show you can fall asleep during and you don’t get in trouble or anything.

I’m just getting back into Window. The Others really love it but I’m more content to sleep on the couch and watch that police show on “TV” with Mom. Now, Pais, I have some questions for you about Two Cats Magazine. How did you get the idea for it? Was it fun working with Boo Radley?

Art copyright Paisley the Cat, 2012

Pais: In November, my friend Catie challenged me to do a fifty-page book. I thought it would be fun! I had never done a self-contained book before–usually just strips or series of strips. I thought a magazine would be a nice way to organize the different kinds of content I like–funny stories, advice, famous cats, etc–under one theme. Then when we decided to do the whole thing in full color, we realized it would take longer than a month! But I think it was worth the wait.

Pais: Working with New Cat was… interesting. He has a lot of different ideas and it was kind of neat to get a boy cat’s perspective. Plus, he’s only three (and was two when we started working), so he brings a lot of energy to the meetings.

Boo: It was the most work I ever did on anything, and that is the truth. But I don’t regret it even a little. Carrots asked me if I would help her on her biggest project yet and so of course I said yes (obviously, think about it), and that was like winning an explosion of butterflies in my heart. It was fun to wear little clothes but just for the short duration of the fashion shoot. They said we couldn’t keep them and I said “Good!” and then took a bath right there on the floor.

I can just imagine. There’s a lot of energy in our house too. Sometimes too much energy. So would you say Two Cats Magazine has been a success so far?

Pais: I think so! I have had a lot of orders–even some from faraway places like Scotland and Australia! I’ve sold a pretty good number at conventions, too. I think it draws people in because it’s so professional looking. I make my mini-comics by hand (printing them at a copy shop), so this is the first thing I’ve had printed for me, and it looks really pretty. It also smells good!

Pais: I’m starting work on Issue 2 now. Is there anything you’d like to see? Any suggestions? Can I ask what your favorite part of Two Cats Magazine was?

I really enjoyed the interview with Charlene Butterbean! I also liked the Point/Counterpoint and the letters. Mom keeps promising to try the catnip treat recipe but she hasn’t yet. Finally, I have a question for Pais. Mom is getting married next month to Mister E. Did you change your last name when The Girl got married? I’m worried she’s going to make me do that.

Pais: Pffft. She tried to tell me I was Paisley The Cat-The Guy?! I was like, no way. I was really not into that at all. But now at the vet they call me Paisley The Guy. It’s the worst. I don’t think you need to worry, though–Mima E is a pretty name! Mister E is a cool guy, right? Not like The Guy, who is terrible.
Yes, he’s pretty nice. He scoops my box two times a day and keeps The Others away from my food. Thank you very much! You’re a great advice giver. I also loved the Letters column – maybe a long advice column would be wonderful in the next issue of Two Cats Magazine – like Dear Abby! Also, I want to thank both of you for taking the time to answer all my questions, you’ve been great.
Thank you all for reading my interview with Pais and Boo Radley! Please visit Hey Pais for more of Pais’ wonderful journal comments and follow them both on Twitter. Thank you to The Girl and The Guy for letting Pais and Boo use their computers, too! And thank you Mom for letting me use your computer for a long time to write emails and blog. I hope to see you again soon!

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