A Dose of Teddie


So Mister E and I are still watching the Persona 4 Endurance Run on Giant Bomb. This isn’t terribly strange, since there are 155 episodes (we’re currently on 97) and they each vary from 20 minutes to over an hour in length. What is strange(ish) is that even without playing it ourselves we’ve managed to bond with the characters. You know what I mean, right? How you watch a show (or in this case, a game) for a long time and you find yourself picking out a favorite character, looking for all kinds of information on the show, and start talking about the characters like they’re actual people in your life? Or is that just us?

In my case I’ve started watching the anime, looking for hilarious videos on Youtube, getting psyched for the P4 Arena game that’s coming out next month and crocheting things. Yup. Like every Japanese game, anime, and corporation, it has a cute mascot. His name is Teddie.

I was bored last week, so I decided to take the leftover yarn I had and make myself an amigurumi – a little crocheted stuffed doll. This was my very first one, so I chose a very simple bear pattern. Mister E thought it was adorable but that it could be even more adorable if I turned it into Teddie. It sort of snowballed from there.

His bum came out a little lopsided, but all in all I think he turned out pretty well. On the downside, I had to buy that zipper, the eyes and some red yarn. On the upside, I also got the black yarn I needed for BecominNeurotic‘s bag that I’ve been unable to make for the last month. Further downside – we’re flat broke again. But Teddie-chan is so dang cute that I can’t stay sad for long.

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4 thoughts on “A Dose of Teddie

    • I used to have a store on Etsy but I only had one sale so it’s not worth the listing fees, really. Also, I don’t do stuff with enough regularity, I think. 😀

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