Talk Amongst Yourselves: Persona Videos

Last night’s Giant Bomb Quick Look (warning: it’s about 45 minutes “quick”) of Persona 4 Arena – in which they once again display their inexplicable bias against Kanji – had the unfortunate side effect of making me even more impatient about the game coming out. Even the tutorial is making my playin’ fingers itchy. My only concern after watching the gameplay is that my hands aren’t very big and the right one is a little jacked up, so I’m not sure how I’ll work the combos. Mister E says we’ll look into a “princess sized controller.” GALACTIC PUNT!

My secondary concern is that I’ve been somewhat obsessed with watching videos about Persona, as I also mentioned the other day, and I thought I might share some of them with you kind folks.

Here we have the trailer for P4 Arena, as seen at E3. I’ve been begging for a fighting game for a while (Mister E claims it’s about four or five times a month for the last six months) and this one is gonna be MY JAM.

Next is the opening movie for P4 Golden, which is coming out this fall for the PS Vita in an attempt to make that poor little handheld relevant. Special K already bought a memory stick so he could play it when it comes out, and I’m a little jealous because he’ll get to see the extras. I think the best way to enjoy this trailer is with the sound all the way up because that song will be in your head anyway, you may as well make your first listen a memorable one.

Finally we have that Persona x Lucky☆Star MAD that I was talking about. It’s a mashup of characters from the Persona games with the opening of Lucky☆Star, which is a popular meme in Japanese fan circles. Please be warned that watching it is like being next to a hummingbird who ate a box of Trix and maybe had a side of meth.

This has been an unplanned supplementary Friday stuff dump post. Please enjoy it accordingly, at least until I get my hands on P4A and never leave the house again.

Oh, wait, I never do anyway! Score!


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