Playing Dress Up

For those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married in less than two weeks. It’s terrifying. One of the most terrifying parts about it is thinking about what I’m going to wear.

See, I’ve been married before. I had a medium-sized wedding, an ivory dress, a cake and disasters. This was twelve years ago, and I was young and foolish. Now I’m old, jaded and phobic, but I love Mister E more than anything so we’re getting married. What we’re not doing is going traditional. We’re having a civil ceremony at the fountain downtown, attended by The Dad, Mister E’s mom and her boyfriend, his dad and his stepmom, my oldest friend (who introduced us 17 years ago) M, and my ex-husband RJ. Our wedding rings are black tungsten and I’m wearing a purple dress. We’re going to be fabulous.

My happy is that my dress isn’t going to be something I settled on at a store, it’s actually been made just for me. Dress and clothing designers seem to think that someone who is a size 10/12 must be 5′ 5″ or taller, which means that dresses I like usually come down past my knees and make me look even shorter.

This is my dress! It’s been made for me by my friend Sparkle J who is a seamstress, to my measurements. Purple is my favorite color and Becomin Neurotic made me an orchid hair pin that I’m going to put in my hair. All I need is a pair of shoes. I have a cute pair but I’m not sure they’re the right thing. We’ll see. I also need to make a bouquet. Hmmm.

Have you a happy to share today? Go on over to Band Back Together and tell us all about it!


4 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

    • We’re probably going to pass around my camera! I’m really excited about the dress AND the girl who made it for me is a good friend so I feel good about where it’s coming from. I might put a poofy thing under it and wear it to the Tilly concert in November, it’d be tutu-y!

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