Step Away From the Spoilers

Well, it looks like I’m not getting Persona 4 Arena today. Dammit.

So close…yet so far away…

However, I thought this would be a good time to talk about spoilers. This is very important because unlike some fighting games, P4A has an approximate 30 hours of story involving characters from both Persona 3 and 4 that has been confirmed by Atlus as being canon instead of a side story. Basically, I’m staying the hell away from anything and everything P4A at least until I get my hands on it and play a little of it because I want to find out for myself.

I know that some of the spoilering about certain things is completely accidental, and there is no guarantee that everyone in the world is going to adhere to the common courtesy of placing a spoiler alert in the form of a tag, banner or even just a line of text and a couple of hard returns. However, some people out there are just trolling through spoilers and it’s a little annoying, particularly when you see something like “Who would have thought that XX was the murderer at the end of Movie X! LOL I feel sorry for people who haven’t seen it!” on the very day the movie came out.

There is a small amount of tolerance in my angry little brain for spoilers of movies or books that are decades old and considered classics. I’m not saying that we should all go around shouting what happens at the end of Frankenstein but don’t get all shirty with people who let it slip.

Recently I found myself the unwitting victim of a spoiler on Nico Nico Douga because I found a video that was a MAD of Persona 4 x Soul Eater. Sadly, I do not know the word for “spoiler” in Japanese (I just learned the word for a frame of animation, though, so there’s that) and so found out something about the ending of P4 that I wasn’t expecting. Now I understand that P4 has been out since 2008 and that probably everyone in Japan has played it, but I might not have signed on if I’d known a huge plot point was going to be given away. Worse yet, I watched it with Mister E because we both love P4 and we both love Soul Eater so I thought it was going to be super-awesome. Not that it wasn’t, of course, it was well done and looked great but you know. Spoilers for all.

Mister E has promised me that we’re going to get P4 Arena as soon as possible, and that he’s planning on getting me the tiny controller so I can play it comfortably. Until I get my hands on the disc, though, I’m staying the hell away from anything that might spoil it for me.

There are some things I just don’t want to know. Yet.


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