Happy 6th Unniversary

Twelve years ago tomorrow, August 11th, I married one of my best friends.

We have informed people that, sadly, ours does not count as a starter marriage because we were married for 5 and a half years. A lot of people like to speculate on the reasons we got divorced but the answer is the most uncomplicated one possible. We got married young and people change. It happens. We’re lucky that we’re still such good friends because from what I hear, it’s pretty rare. I always feel a little guilty that we had a quick, uncomplicated divorce when I hear about my friends being dragged through court and refusing to speak to their exes ever again.

I wrote already about the hilarity that surrounded our actual wedding but this is different, I guess. Not that there wasn’t plenty of hilarity in our marriage – everything from totaling my car hitting a deer (remind me to tell you about that sometime) to the 5 pounds of chicken skulls and the marsh in our living room – but there was a lot of other stuff too.

I suppose this post is just a quick one to say thank you to RJ, who put up with a lot of stuff from me. I had a lot of the problems I had now, but he helped me through a lot of them and helped me see that I was worth being loved and that no matter what happened, there was always someone who was going to be there for me. He still is, and even though it’s embarrassing to me to have to ask him for help I feel like I can do it because no matter what may have happened between us, we’re still family.

There are a lot of things I remember vividly about the time we were married, in that sensory way I have. Sounds, smells, the feeling of the air conditioning in his parents’ house, the color of the carpet in our duplex and the cats thundering down the stairs of the fourplex where we lived in College Station. There were bad times and arguments, but there were a lot of good times as well. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten interested in gaming. I know I wouldn’t have ever gotten into an accident at the US-Mexico border, but we still blame that one on D (who is now A).

I’m lucky. In a week, I’ll be getting married again to Mister E and RJ will be there beside me like he’s been for more than 13 years, wishing me well. Even though I regret losing so many years with Mister E, I will never regret marrying RJ, even though we didn’t end up with the “’til death do we part” bit.

Christ on a cracker, we look so young.


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