Random Spotify Love

Well, I’ve found yet another few reasons to love Spotify and they’re so great that it warrants another post.

I gushed about Spotify once before and all of those reasons are still valid. The beautiful thing about apps these days is that they are able to evolve and improve based on feedback from customers. Spotify has extra reason to evolve because a lot of the people who use it are paying for the privilege and, judging from my own experience and the experiences of my friends around the world who also use the premium version, happily so. With that in mind, these are all new reasons why I love Spotify. Some of them (probably all of them, as it takes me a while to notice these things) are old news by now, but I just figured them out so there you have it.

The best one for me is that it now syncs songs from my computer. This is a jump-in-the-air-happy thing for me because I like a lot of Japanese music that’s not on Spotify and has been ripped from CDs I own. However, in order to listen to it on my phone in the past I’ve had to use Spotify on my computer to add it to the playlist, then send the original to my phone with Dropbox, then make sure they sync (and they didn’t always) onto my phone’s Spotify app. Now I just tell my computer “hey, I want ‘AURORA’ by Shazna on this playlist” and it says “okay.” Then I make sure my phone is hooked up to the same wifi – this is crucial – download the playlist and tell my phone “make it so.” A minute or so later, the Japanese goodness is on my phone to enjoy anywhere I like. My Spotify app does a little bow and I shake my butt.

It also has apps associated with it now, which means that I can post my new Jam from Spotify and I can have lyrics to the songs I’m listening to looked up while they’re playing. It also has Pandora-like streaming “radio” stations that you can listen to with the added bonus that you can save the songs to listen to later.

Also, I was looking for stuff to enjoy and I found two songs I never thought I’d find on there: “Negro y Azul” by Los Cuates de Sinaloa (aka ‘The Ballad of Heisenberg’) from Breaking Bad, and “Cancion del Mariachi” by Antonio Banderas from Desperado. Yes, this is conclusive proof that Spotify rocks out with its stock out (something I used to say about myself when I worked at the health food store) and is worth digging up the change under the couch to pay for every month. If you haven’t checked out Spotify yet, I recommend trying the trial. It, like the songs I posted above, is definitely worth a listen.


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