In and Out

Let me tell you what’s fun. Sitting in the very corner of your apartment so you can maybe connect to the internet for a little while. Specifically, the internet that belongs to a cafe near your place because your own internet is dead in the water. For reasons I prefer to keep to myself, we’re currently all out of internet at our place and I’ve been using the internet next door instead. I’m sure if I went over to the cafe and sat there my signal would be much better but, you know, agoraphobic and broke. Hey, it’s an open connection.

The point here is that blog posts may be as sporadic as my internet access until things get cleared up. I’m having good luck right now with typing long things and sending them when I get access, so maybe I’ll be able to post but it’s still a maybe. Last week I had written a bunch of posts for the week after the wedding because I knew I’d be wiped out but now those are gone, and since there may be days when I don’t post I’m just making sure that no one thinks I died.

Good times, yo. Good. Times.


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