Doin’ It Gangnam Style

Oh, Pusheen.

Pusheen the Cat

On the off chance you don’t know who the adorable chubby gray cat is, that’s Pusheen. She dances, eats, rides Vespas and all sorts of other things that are all cuter than a baby bunny in a banana leaf. Mostly, she eats. And sometimes she makes reference to internet memes or viral videos and such. This is one of those times.

Perhaps you have not heard of “Gangnam Style.” Perhaps there is a great void in your life that can only be filled by K-Pop and awesome dancing. Perhaps you should fix that.

Gangnam Style is song that has been written and choreographed by a South Korean singer who goes by PSY. Interestingly enough, he went to school at Boston University and Berklee School of Music. The thing about this is that he knows exactly the right way to get you hooked on his music and blow the top of your head right off.

I have long been a fan of J-Pop and J-Punk, but I’d never given K-Pop a try for the simple reason that I cannot understand Korean. This has been sort of inexcusable because we have the internet for a reason and also because I was listening to Persian techno for a little while and I can’t understand that either (though I did have someone make the incredibly racist comment that I was probably listening to terrorist propaganda without knowing it). It turns out I’m a fan of K-Pop, I just didn’t know it.

There are a large number of things I love about this video, from the dancing kid at the beginning, to the humorous dance routines, and the music itself, but one thing that particularly makes me happy is that – as a lot of people have said – PSY isn’t your typical Asian pretty guy singing pre-produced music. He’s odd. He’s chubby. He’s rapping over techno. And it all works in a way that makes me want to start dancing.

Though he would probably never admit it to you, Mister E has been dancing. He loves PSY and Gangnam Style in a way that I would probably say is unhealthy if I didn’t follow the exact same watching pattern with my Persona 4 videos. I am not complaining in any way about his viewing habits, however. I am, in fact, quite pleased. I also downloaded PSY’s newest album (EP) with Gangnam Style on it so that we may watch it when we go on trips. This also pleases Mister E, as he has listened to some of his other music and also loves it.

If you haven’t already watched it, I recommend you watch the Gangnam Style video. Even if you don’t fall in love with it or PSY, I can just about guarantee that you will come away from it feeling like something exploded inside your brain. Good or bad, that’s worth at least one viewing. 74 million people (at the time of writing) cannot be wrong.


2 thoughts on “Doin’ It Gangnam Style

  1. I’ve never been a Jpop or Kpop fan, hell, I can barely stand American pop music. But I too have fallen under the sway of Gangnam Style. The video is hilarious and unique and I appreciate that PSY is not the ‘traditional’ Asian pop star guy. He’s almost like the Weird Al of Kpop with this one.

    • Mister E has decided, after watching as many of PSY’s videos as possible, that he wants to listen to more K-pop. I can get behind it, but I could even more so if I was able to understand Korean.

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