We found an Asian grocery near our apartment a week or so ago and, to my unending delight, they sell an pan there. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a piece of bread that looks like an unsliced hamburger bun filled with red bean paste. They have no sugar in the bread – all the sweetness comes from the red beans – and because it’s basically a huge mass of red beans there is a crazy amount of fiber in it. Basically, it’s a perfect food. And they’re selling them for $1.00.

Mister E got the great idea of using them as a carrot on a stick for me, so on Saturday we walked from our place to the Asian market to get me a delicious an pan. It was nice walking with him, getting a different kind of exercise, and of course getting my an pan. We also got some daikon radish pickles, which I can’t wait to try.

I would like to walk there again sometime, perhaps on my own, to get used to getting out of the apartment. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll try walking up to the neighborhood and around the “block” by myself because it might be less terrifying. I’m going to need one of those walking programs though, that use your GPS to tell you how far you went and what speed. Which means I’m going to eat up battery like crazy but at least I’ll know where I am, right? RIGHT?

What’s your happy for today? Head on over to Band Back Together and tell us all about it.


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