I Cannot Abide a Sexy Cookie Monster

I really cannot stand “sexy” Halloween costumes. Not the sort of costume that is Miss America: Swimsuit Edition or the half-clad cave woman, those are at least supposed to be half-naked. No, I’m talking about the costumes that are “sexy” versions of things that aren’t female or even human.

Case in point: Sexy Big Bird. There is absolutely no need for anyone ever to be dressed as a sexy female version of a beloved Sesame Street character. Big Bird is about friendship, sharing, and kindness, not parading around in a yellow mini-dress and stripped heels with a few yellow feathers in your hair.


I don’t know where this trend came from, but I wish it would go away. I went to a party at one point where there was a Sexy Pocahontas, Sexy Strawberry Shortcake, Sexy Dalmatian and a girl wearing a g-string and bikini top covered in gold body paint who claimed to be an Academy Award. Meanwhile, one of my friends went as Richard Simmons (non-sexy version), another showed up as Mia Wallace (complete with syringe sticking out of her chest) and I came dressed in my very best Death the Kid cosplay (strapping down the ladies to be a teenage boy is pretty uncomfortable but worth it).

Remember when Halloween was for kids? At least, the Big Bird and Cookie Monster costumes were. Adults competed to see who could wear the scariest costume to their booze-ups, whether that was Freddy Krueger or Richard Nixon, not who can wear the least amount of clothes or go as the most sexualized thing they can think of. I will turn your attention to the “lock and key” costume below.

Get it, you guys? We’re a “lock” (wink wink!) and a “key” (WINK WINK!!!!!)! Get it? Ha ha ha ha! Ugh.

I suppose that for some people, this is their idea of fun. But for those of us who are sick to death of seeing every one of our childhood memories being turned out like a hooker at the end of the month, it’s just another reason to hate another holiday. If you want to dress up as something sexy, there are plenty of things you can go as that haven’t been part of the cast of Sesame Street at one time or another. My first thought is Catwoman, but any superheroine can be substituted. As for couples, why not come up with something truly inspired like Jess Fink, who is going to be half of Seymour and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, complete with a little Audrey Two?

And don’t even get me started on Sexy Ursula the Sea Witch. That’s a whole other can of feminist anger that I don’t feel like opening just now because it’ll turn into another rant and I promised to only subject people to one of those per day. This year, anyway.


And I Was Doing So Well, Too.

Like I said, the psychiatric meteorologist changed my meds again.

It all started when we went to Wal-Mart for a couple of things. I was interested in just being out of the house, which I haven’t done enough since we came back from Ft. Worth, so I was excited to be there. Sad, I know. We were going to take a trip to the mummy exhibit at the museum later that night and I was looking forward to that too. Then as we were walking toward the counter, I thought I saw her.

One of the bitches that ruined my life, one of the people who sent me into this never-ending spiral of anxiety, depression and fear of leaving my eel-hole. She was there at Wal-Mart buying whatever people buy there and she saw me and I was terrified. Literally paralyzed with fear. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to leave and how going to the register was going to make me have a panic attack. I asked Mister E for the keys to the car and went outside, only to have a meltdown when he came back with the groceries.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty bad. The worst part for me was when he asked me the most important question: “did you really see her, or do you just think you saw her?” I didn’t know how to answer and it scared me even more. I had been feeling better and thought I could look into getting a part-time job but thanks to this lovely little episode those hopes have been dashed right away.

When I saw the doctor two days later, he listened to my concerns and asked the same question my husband asked. When I said I didn’t know the answer, he asked me if I thought I needed to be on more medication. I said that I didn’t want to be on more medication but that yeah, I agreed I probably should be. So he doubled my dose and said to let him know if the psychoses got worse. It has the added benefit of helping with my anxiety, so there’s that. The only problem is the side effects. Risperdal is an anti-psychotic, which means it makes me quite sleepy.

I hate being in this side effects limbo, where I’m knocked on my ass every day for two or three hours after taking the meds and where I sleep so deeply that Mister E wakes me up when he gets home, only for me to fall back asleep. I feel so lazy but there’s nothing much I can do about it.

On the plus side, the meteorologist is a listener (he also supports NPR) and he said that if my symptoms don’t go away we can always take me off the meds and try something else. Well, off these meds, anyway.

I’m beginning to wonder if a geographic cure might not be in order.

Cold Snap!

My dose of happy for the day is that it’s suddenly turned cold in Lamesville! We’re talking 50’s in the daytime and 40’s at night, a real live cold snap!

I love when it gets cold because it means we get to sleep with the patio door open (the screen stays shut because of cats and murderers) and let the house get cold naturally. I like it cold when I’m sleeping; I’ve never been able to sleep when I’m too warm, yet I always need to have a blanket over me. It’s some sort of psychological thing, I’m sure, just like not being able to sleep naked.

It usually gets cold in Texas around this time of year, and oddly enough it usually does it right around this week in October. I’m just happy the weather didn’t break with tradition because I love when it’s sunny and cold at the same time. It’s lovely!

What’s your happy for today? Come on, you’ve gotta have something! Go on over to Band Back Together and share your joy, we’d love to hear from you!

My Civic Duty

We went and voted early this morning.

We both voted for Obama, though I think you could probably have already guessed (hint: it’s not the party that wants to take away women’s rights) that if you read this blog with any regularity. Well, before recent events anyway.

We discovered that one of the early polling places was the library where we regularly go, and where I had some books waiting for me in the pickup section. I had requested them a week ago and magically they appeared in my email, telling me to come get them in 6 days or I’d never see them again. “Two birds with one stone!” said Mister E this morning.

I was particularly pleased to see that our library was one of the places because it meant I was much less likely to have a panic attack in a room full of strange people, and by extension that I wouldn’t need to take an Ativan to get through the process. Although we almost did need drugs to get us through the parking lot situation and the rain.

The line wasn’t very long but I worried the whole time because we didn’t have our voting cards. I didn’t want to get up there and be turned away, but it ended up not being a problem because we had our driver’s licenses. They scanned them and I was all set to get in front of a machine that looked like a giant PIN pad with no stylus.

I’m not sure I trust those voting machines and I know that since I live in Texas I basically walked through water and mud for no reason in regards to the Presidential Election, but we also voted on a number of things including judges and tax assessors, many of which had only Green or Libertarian candidates going against the Republicans.

So yup, we voted. Which means that if the other guy wins we officially have license to bitch for the next four years. Democracy!

The Cop Out

So I ended up not breaking up with Persona 3. Instead, I decided to think about it rationally and came up with a very good solution. Copping out by starting over and playing it on Easy difficulty.

There is one big reason for this. I’m really not in it to achieve some lofty battle goal, I want to see the story unfold. I like the story and where it seems to be going, and I like the characters. I think I’d be pretty happy with a visual novel type experience like Persona 4 Arena with occasional battles, as a matter of fact. Like most other JRPGs, the battles to me are necessary but secondary because I really love the stories they tell.

Apparently the differences between the Easy and Normal games are pretty big. There’s very little grinding necessary from what I’ve heard (not a problem with me, I don’t mind grinding) and you get 10 items that allow you to continue if you die instead of just being sent back to the opening movie. Although I have heard that unless you’ve really screwed up your armor or Personas, the chances of dying from a one-shot or similar are pretty low.

I was only 15 hours into the game anyway, so it wasn’t like I was losing a terrible amount of progress and I don’t mind seeing the story up to then again. It’s not that I mind anything in particular about the mechanics of the game or the battles in general (except that Reaper bastard), I just wasn’t having very much fun knowing that if I died I was going to have to play an entire scenario over again. If I’d had those continue items, it would have been a lot more fun because I could have just tried again instead of being tossed back to the start.

That’s pretty much my entire reason for starting over on Easy, as a matter of fact. I’ll probably still grind and I’ll use the strategy I would have used before, fuse the good Personas and weapons, do Elizabeth’s requests and everything, but I’ll be able to continue if something terrible happens (three times) like it did with the second full moon.

I also thought to myself “if I’m having this much trouble with the second full moon, I’ll never make it through the other ones.” And that was enough to make me depressed for days. I had heard that Persona 3 was much less forgiving than Persona 4 and I discovered that to my immense sadness. When I play Persona 4, I’ll have to make the big decision whether I want to play it on Easy or Normal, but that’s a question for another time.

So yeah, I’m copping out. It happens. Like I said, I just want to see the story and have fun playing the game. I think I’ll be able to do that now.